21 April 2012

Free to Enter: What is Love to You? The London Screenwriters’ Festival Competition (worldwide)

Post date: 21 April 2012
Deadline: 30 June 2012

What is love to you?

Write Film / Make Film / Distribute Film: a unique competition from The London Screenwriters’ Festival

Get your script produced and get your movie released in cinemas. A unique competition that guarantees 50 scripts will be shot and 50 films will be theatrically released next year. Are you in? Read on…

Write Film…What does love mean to you? Write something extraordinary. Write a two page screenplay set on Valentine’s Night and enter it into our free London Screenwriters’ Festival Feature competition (closes June 29th). From the entrants, fifty winning scripts will be chosen by our judges. These scripts will then be released to the film making community on July 30th. Filmmakers around the world can then make films based on this rich vein of themed and loosely connected scripts.

  • The deadline for submitted scripts is June 30th
  • Scripts must be two pages or less and contain at least one kiss.
  • By submitting, you will assign the right to produce the work into a film. You will assign distribution rights too. You will maintain all copyright in your work should you wish to expand it or rework it.
  • You do not need to call your script ’50 Kisses’, you should give it a unique name.
  • Expanded rules will be issued closer to the time.


Your script will be produced by filmmakers who may not have much money, so consider this in your writing. Remember, the film makers will choose the script they want to make after reading all 5o winning scripts.


Is there a fee for this contest?
No, it’s 100% free. So please tell ALL your filmmaking friends.

Can I write and submit more than one script?
No, just one script per entry.

If I win, will my script definitely get made?
No – it will be made available on the website for others to read, and should filmmakers wish to, make it and enter into the film competition. If that does not appeal and you do not want your script to made available like this, please do not enter.

Can I use alternative formatting to fit my script on one page?
No. Please use standard spec script format, otherwise we will have no choice but to disqualify your script (just so it’s fair for everyone). If you’re not sure what the standard for spec scripts is, check out the format list.

Can I go over two pages just a tiny bit?
Nope, sorry – this is a two-page script competition. And don’t try any tricks like over-widening the margins, ‘cos our crack team of readers will find you out and hunt you down like the dogs you are. Or disqualify you, whichever is quicker.

Where do I send my script?
Please send your script to contests@londonswf.com in PDF format. Please ensure you have a TITLE PAGE attached to your two-pager, complete with the title of the script, your name and a valid email address. If we don’t know what it’s called or whom it’s by, we won’t enter the script into the contest. And if we don’t know how to contact you, we can’t tell you if you’ve won!

Can it be set anywhere?
Yes, though remember, someone will have to make this, so keep an eye on budget when writing.

Can people from overseas enter?
Yes of course.


For inquiries: contests@londonswf.com

For submissions: send your script to contests@londonswf.com

Website: http://www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com
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