21 April 2012

Seeking Book Manuscripts for 2015 Publishing Cycle: Goddess Ink

Post date: 21 April 2012
Goddess Ink is currently seeking manuscripts for the 2012 publishing cycle. Manuscripts can be general audience or academic focus. Please see our publishing mission to determine if your manuscript is a good fit.

  • Cover letter including:
  • brief synopsis of the book
  • genre
  • explanation by the author outlining why she or he is uniquely qualified to write this book
  • statement about why/how this book will be unique and make an important contribution to the field
  • statement about why/how this book contributes to Goddess Ink publications
  • statement regarding the potential market, including an evaluation of any books in print that might be considered competition for the proposed book
  • description of the intended audience
  • description of photographs, illustrations or other non text material
  • estimated date of completion
  • contact information including address, telephone and e-mail
  • Current CV
  • Prospectus (see details below)

  • Detailed Table of Contents including a chapter by chapter synopsis and a completed chapter of the proposed book
  • The entire manuscript

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. However, every complete submission will be considered by the Editorial Board. Please be aware that material will not be returned.


Goddess Ink, Ltd.
8470 Helena Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89129

or electronically in pdf or MS Word to: info@goddess-ink.com


The manuscript selection process includes a preliminary review by the Managing Editors, possibly a secondary review by one or more members of our Editorial Board, then a final editorial decision by the entire Editorial Board at their biennial meeting. Every submission is reviewed.

Due to the volume of submissions it is not possible to give a personal response to each individual who sends us her or his work. If your submission proposal is selected to continue through the process of review, you will receive notification in 4-6 weeks within receipt of the proposal.

If you do not receive notification from us within 8 weeks of your submission, please understand that your manuscript or proposal was not a good fit with our scope and mission. The decision to publish may rest upon factors other than the quality of your manuscript or proposal. Factors such as volume of submissions, capacity of our program, and our publishing directions may be at work.


For inquiries: info@goddess-ink.com

For submissions: mail to Goddess Ink, Ltd., 8470 Helena Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89129 or send electronically in pdf or MS Word to info@goddess-ink.com

Website: http://www.goddess-ink.com
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