01 April 2012

Submissions Wanted for Inspirational Book Series/ Arrie Publishing (rate: $200-$300 per story)

Post date: 01 April 2012
Deadline: 30 June 2012

We are looking for authors who write inspirational short stories. If you have what we're looking for, your story or stories could be published in one of our books or in our online magazine coming out in 2012. What this could mean for you...cash, publicity, essentially an opportunity to make your dreams come true!

GUIDELINES FOR A WINNING INSPIRATIONAL STORY OR POEM to be published in Arrie Publishing Company's upcoming book series!

1. Tell an exciting, sad or funny or dramatic fictional story. (Fiction is a story that is invented. Fiction is an imaginary story.) Make sure that you introduce the character(s). Your story can be written in first person or third person.

2. Tell the story in a way that will make the reader cry or laugh or both. It should include Christian Bible verses. It can deal with controversial issues as long as it teaches/uses biblical principles.

3. The story should start with action; it should include a problem, issue or situation. It should include dialogue and the character(s) should express their feelings though the conflict or situation. It should end in a result, such as a lesson learned, a positive change or pay-off.

4. Above all, let it jump off the page and impact the person reading it!


1. A nonfictional story. (Non-fiction is a story based on true stories or events.)

2. A term paper, thesis, letter or journal entry.

3. About politics.

4. A biography or testimonial.


1. For our inspirational book series, we will only accept submissions sent via our website: www.arriepublishingcompany.com. If you have any problems when trying to submit, please contact us at newauthors@arriepublishingcompany.com

2. Stories and poems must be fiction. Fictional stories should be between 5,000 and 20,000 word count.

3. No anonymous, author unknown or "as told to" submissions, please.

4. We prefer that you submit your stories only once.

5. Be sure to keep a copy of the stories and/or poems that you’ve submitted to us. Please do not contact us and ask us to send you a copy of anything you have previously submitted. We are unable to do that.

6. Please submit only stories or poems that have not been previously published.

If the story or poem you wrote is published by us, you will be paid $200 to $300 upon publication of the book plus you will receive five free copies of the book your story or poem appears in. When you submit your story to us through our website, you will receive an immediate response that we have received it. The message says, "Thank you! Your information has been received." This is the confirmation that your story has been delivered and accepted into our submission process. It is the only acknowledgment you will receive from us. If you receive an error message when trying to submit, please email newauthors@arriepublishingcompany.com. If you do not have Internet access at home, please visit a local library.

The deadline to submit your story or poem is June 31, 2012. If your story or poem is chosen, you will be notified and your permission to print the short story and/or poem will be requested. Please know that we never publish anything without written permission from the author.

Feel free to submit more than one story or poem to us to consider.


For inquiries: newauthors@arriepublishingcompany.com

For submissions: submit online here

Website: www.arriepublishingcompany.com
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