21 April 2012

Free to Enter: Submit Your YA/ Romance/ Non-Fiction Books for the 2012 Forward National Literature Award

Post date: 21 April 2012
Deadline: 30 September 2012

Forward National Literature (FNL) is an independent literary organization dedicated to honoring traditionally published works in twelve categories. As well as garnering attention to its recipients and likely increasing sales, FNL showcases a combination of previously undiscovered and well-known authors based on content, uniqueness, and readability. Because we do not want anyone to be discouraged, there is no entry fee.


All traditionally published books may be submitted as long as they are printed in English; there are no limitations based on the year and country of publication. Self-published works and e-books may not be submitted. Previous recipients of the FNLA may not submit the same work.


If you are entering two or more books, please mail them in the same package. It is important to note that all works will be donated to public libraries at the conclusion of judging. The postmark deadline for the 2012 Forward National Literature Award is September 30, 2012. The entry form is available here.

No books will be returned; all will be donated. The final deadline for submissions is September 30, 2012; to be eligible, submissions must be postmarked September 30, 2012 or earlier. Submissions postmarked after that date will not be considered for an award, and books will not be returned.


You may submit as many books as you like; however, you cannot submit the same work to different categories, and you may only submit one work per category.

1) General Fiction

2) Picture/Children’s Books

3) Middle Grade/Chapter Books

4) Teen/Young Adult

5) Fantasy

6) Mystery

7) Romance

8) Historical Fiction

9) Humor

10) Drama

11) Short Story Collections

12) Nonfiction


Each work is judged on its uniqueness, entertainment, and content by a judging panel. Our panel consists of experts from the publishing field. Each submission will be reviewed and evaluated by a judge knowledgeable in his or her category; all decisions are final. Judges may cancel categories if the books submitted are not of sufficient quality, and submissions may be disqualified if the submission guidelines were not followed. If this occurs, authors will not necessarily be informed. Certificates and other awards will be sent after the winners have been notified via email.


The recipients of the FNLA—the first and second place winners in each category—will receive a certificate of honor along with media attention, and the names of the winners and the books will remain on the FNLA’s website for further promotion. In addition, winners will receive FNLA book seals. All of the works will be donated to public libraries following the completion of the contest.


For inquiries: info@forwardliteratureaward.com

For submissions: mail two copies of each work as well as a completed entry form to Forward National Literature, 2484 Briarcliff Road NE #22 - 163, Atlanta, GA 30329

Website: http://forwardliteratureaward.com/
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