23 May 2012

Seeking Pagan / Heathen Fiction and Non-Fiction: Wyrdwood Publications

Post date: 23 May 2012
Wyrdwood Publications publishes general Pagan / Heathen Fiction and Non-Fiction eBooks. We are presently welcoming unsolicited submissions. We will consider non-fiction and fiction manuscripts within the following word length: 4000 (min) words through to 100,000 (max).

When submitting a synopsis for consideration, please read our guidelines on How to Submit and Electronic Documents - BEFORE emailing to: wyrdwoodpublications@hotmail.com


~ For us to properly evaluate your proposal and its potential, please include a short query letter in the body of an email telling us a bit about you. In separate documents, for submission over 8000 words please attach a minimum of 3 sample chapters and a full synopsis of 2 pages in length. To give your eBook the best chance of being accepted, please ensure that the synopsis details the whole plot and the end of the book, even if it is a surprise ending.

~ For short stories of 4000 - 8000 words, please include a short query letter in the body of an email telling us a bit about you and attach the entire story to the email.

Please ensure that all attachments are named with the title of your book and your name or they will NOT be opened and your submission will be rejected.

Please also note:

We receive a large number of submissions, the following terms and conditions apply when making a submission. By making a submission you agree to these terms and conditions:

Wyrdwood Publications is under no obligation to provide any communication related to the status of a submission. If Wyrdwood Publications is interested in reading the manuscript from the synopsis, we will contact you.

Wyrdwood Publications will only receive the submission of manuscripts via email.

Submission of a synopsis or a manuscript is no guarantee of publication.


Documents will only be considered if formatted in the following manner:
  • Accepted file formats (only): .doc or .rtf
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Double line spacing
  • Header must have author name on right side
  • Footer must have page number and eBook title
  • 0.5 indent on paragraph
  • No spacing between paragraphs

Please note: if a manuscript is requested by us, usually after reviewing a synopsis, the file must be emailed using WinZip or WinRar. Unless the text is between 4000-8000 words in length, then it can be included as a normal attachment to an email.

You can get a free download of WinZip HERE and WinRAR HERE


Wyrdwood Publications offers only basic editing on every contracted manuscript, there is no cost for this service and it is offered as part of Wyrdwood Publications Authors Package.

Below, we have provided a list of other editors, outside of Wyrdwood Publications, for possible use by the author if they require such a service.


Wyrdwood Publications is willing to publish your eBook for you without you paying us for the 'privilege', we are NOT a vanity publisher. We will only take a percentage of the cover price to recoup our expenses and work.

We have created a professional and comprehensive package that provides you with everything you need to be published:


Once we have accepted your manuscript, we will then apply the following expertise to your eBook:
  • Contract compilation for the electronic rights, only, of each title.
  • Basic editing service (we recommend your manuscript is professionally edited before submitting).
  • Full formatting and general compliance to eBook guidelines.
  • Possible inclusion in our Green Leaves Policy and Eco-Libris.
  • Lay-out of internal text.
  • Cover design and artwork, unless you have supplied your own. We have final say on cover images.
  • eBook conversation to PDF, EPUB and MOBI.
  • Promoting and Marketing of your eBook online, in collaboration with the author.
  • Royalties are paid quarterly (via PayPal), you will receive a quarterly statement with your Royalty payment detailing the sales of your book and, if your eBook is part of the 'Green Leaves' policy, a statement of how many trees you helped to plant. Your Royalty is 35% of the retail price.
  • Wyrdwood Publications will provide hosting and downloading of your eBook on the Wyrdwood Publications website.
  • You will retain your copyright and we will insert the copyright notice in the preliminary pages, naming you as the copyright holder.
  • Wyrdwood Publications will set the cover price on all eBooks.


For inquiries/ submissions: wyrdwoodpublications@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.wyrdwoodpublications.com
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