22 May 2012

Seeking Fiction for Young Female Market: Kohl Publishing

Post date: 22 May 2012
Kohl Publishing will be publishing fiction for a young female market, aiming at women in their 20s and 30s. Our website is www.kohlpublishing.com.

We are interested in novels with some depth to them, the kind of ambitious book you can get lost in, and we are particularly interested in women's writing, although we would consider male authors if we felt the book fit the market well. We are interested in any fiction genre so long as it meets our target audience; crime, sci-fi, fantasy, romance... anything goes. We would like to see novellas and collections of short stories, but are mainly focusing on novels at this stage.

Our main push will be digital, with e-books and paperbacks released simultaneously, so the author must be willing to engage with social media. We have been awarded a Starter for 6 Innovation Award from Cultural Enterprises for our creative business planning, and we have ambitious and exciting plans for our authors."


Please email your manuscript to submissions@kohlpublishing.com. Please send the whole book as an attachment, and in the body of your email, include a short bio of yourself, and a short (200 words) blurb for the book. Please do not send images.


For inquiries/ submissions: submissions@kohlpublishing.com

Website: http://kohlpublishing.com
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