12 May 2012

Scheduled May 19 | The Feminist Supremacy: Discussion of Feminism at the Sydney Writers' Festival

Post date: 12 May 2012
Date: 19 May 2012

8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Ticketed: $20/$15

Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street

Tara Moss, Catherine Deveny, Kathy Lette, Emily Maguire, Julia Baird (facilitator)

All of a sudden it seems everyone’s a feminist. Women who once rejected the term now embrace it. Anti-abortion campaigners call themselves feminist. Meryl Streep says Margaret Thatcher was a feminist. At one point George Bush said we went to war in Afghanistan to fight for women’s rights. But if everyone’s a feminist, has the idea lost its meaning? And are we doing anything with this new-found cachet? We might have a female prime minister and governor-general, but women still only make 87 cents to a man’s dollar and getting pregnant can be a career killer. So what good is it? Join us for a lively discussion. We’ve got some noisy females in the house tonight. Kathy Lette, Catherine Deveny, Tara Moss, and Emily Maguire. Chair: Julia Baird.

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Website: http://www.swf.org.au/
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