01 March 2012

Call for Teen/ Tweens/ Family/ Inspirational Book Manuscripts: Blue Mountain Press

Post date: 01 March 2012
Blue Mountain Press, the book division of Blue Mountain Arts, is accepting manuscripts in the following categories: gift books, personal growth, teens/tweens, family, relationships, motivational, and inspirational. Mail manuscripts to: Blue Mountain Press, P.O. Box 4219, Boulder, CO 80306. Request proposal guidelines or e-mail queries to BMPbooks "at" sps.com.

Please note: We are not accepting works of fiction, rhyming poetry, children's books, chapbooks, memoirs, or books that promote a specific religion.


For inquiries: BMPbooks "at" sps.com

For submissions: Blue Mountain Press, P.O. Box 4219, Boulder, CO 80306

Website: http://www.sps.com/
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