02 June 2011

Call for Papers: The Representation of Violence Against Women in Literary Texts (NEMLA, NY)

Post date: 02 June 2011
Deadline: 30 September 2011

Whip Me, B3at Me: The Representation of Vi0lence Against Women

This panel invites papers that study the representation of vi0lence against women in literary texts. Papers may focus on: How are these acts represented in the text, as a tab0o or as a ‘normal act’? Are these acts decried by the characters or accepted as ‘normal’ behavior? Do these acts affect the passi0ns and s3xuality of the characters? Please send 200-300 word abstracts and brief biographical statements to Victoria Ketz.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: vketz@iona.edu

For submissions: vketz@iona.edu

Website: http://www.nemla.org/
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