27 December 2010

Director of Three Children's Plays Needed (New York)

Post date: 27 December 2010
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THREE POSITIONS: APPLY FOR ONE...OR ALL: Westchester based musical youth theater is seeking a person (preferably a teacher from a private or public elementary school) to direct children in a musical production. We need directors for three different MUSICAL plays. You can apply to direct one, two OR three plays. You only need to be available to teach or direct ONLY ONE however. It seems really essential that you live in Westchester and have a car!

Different locations to choose from: CHOOSE ONE, TWO OR THREE LOCATIONS.

Rye on Monday or Friday 4-7 pm with the Rye group OR Bedford Village on Monday 4-7 pm with the Bedford group OR Mt. Kisco on thursday 4-7pm with the Mt. Kisco group 4-7

Patience, a sense of fun and a flair for musical theater, reliability, great references, experience working with children in educational background, and a good resume are what we are looking for. You will be working with about 12-15 children at a time and you will have an assistant. The job starts in early January and the plays are in April. It is not essential that you are a director. Being a true teacher is probably more important with a knowledge of musical theater and a love of theater. But if you have directed plays and can sing and dance...so much the better. You must have fabulous references! YOU WILL BE WORKING WITH THE PRODUCER OF THE COMPANY EVERY OTHER WEEK so the responsibility is not totally yours. We need to move very fast on filling these positions.

Location: Westchester County

Compensation: $500-$750 per play...negotiable.

More information here.
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