05 August 2010

AVEN Open Mic Competition Now Open

Post date: 05 August 2010
Deadline: 18 August 2010
Geographical coverage: UK
Reading Fee: none
Accepts (genre): poetry, short story, etc.
Prize/Payment: undisclosed
Contact: goallygogo@yahoo.com

Submissions to Asexual Visibility and Education Network's Open Mic Competitions are officially open. Submissions will be open for 3 weeks and after that there will be 1 week of voting by the members of AVEN.

Submissions can be sent to me via PM or to my personal email (in the case of attachments) goallygogo@yahoo.com.

The categories are as followed:

- Poetry
- Short story
- Photography
- Visual art (paintings and the like)
- Music
- Asexuality (free form, just has to do with asexuality)

For the music category, I suggest you turn it into a video file and upload it onto youtube. That will be the most accessible. You may submit to as many categories as you like, but a limit of two submissions per category. You can choose to submit anonymously (and if you win, your name will be revealed) or with your name attached to it for the voting. Just let me know when you submit.

Please clarify with your submission what category it's for. You have until August 18th to submit. I look forward to recieving everyone's submissions. If you have any questions or if I wasn't clear on something, feel free to ask!

More information here.
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