02 June 2012

Magazine Guidelines: Baby Talk (pay: $1.50 per word)

Post date: 02 June 2012
Overheard at getpublishedparentingmags: BabyTalk now pays a buck fifty per word. But they only use 2 or 3 stories per issue.

BabyTalk is the one baby magazine that tells it like it is, helping women navigate the emotional roller coaster and practical realities of being a new mom. BabyTalk provides straight talk for new moms through three cornerstones:

1. Focus — on what she needs here and now

2. Practicality — emphasis on what really works for her life and her baby

3. Small Victories — helping her attain and celebrate those key milestones.

BabyTalk magazine serves as a manual for parents in their day-to-day experiences with new parenthood. Features cover marriage and sex, pregnancy, baby care basics, toddler/infant health, how-tos, growth and development, toys/equipment, and work/day cares. Query with clips.

Find more details at getpublishedparentingmags or read Parenting.com's guidelines for writers here.


For queries: letters@babytalk.com

For submissions:
530 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036

Website: http://www.parenting.com/Babytalk
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