13 June 2012

Call for Submissions for Fall/ Winter 2012 Issue: Momma Tried (magazine of art and writing | US/ worldwide)

Post date: 13 June 2012
For the debut Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Momma Tried magazine, we are seeking writing, photography, and visual arts. Special consideration will be placed upon submissions dealing with perspectives on sexuality. However, variety and diversity are central to the aim of Momma Tried. We will be publishing many non-sexually themed works as well. Selected entries will be published in print and may also appear online. Momma Tried is published in New Orleans.


Momma Tried magazine will primarily publish works of creative non-fiction ranging from new journalism to essays to reviews to science writing and many categories in between. We are also interested in “collage” based writing such as lyric essays, prose poetry, and anti-fictions, built from scraps. Reality-based and genre-defying fiction are welcome as well. Please no submissions longer than 8,000 words. Files should be .doc or .pdf.


We are particularly interested in submissions of photography, collage, painting and illustration. However, we are open to works outside of these categories as well. Please include a short explanation about your piece or an artist's statement along with images of your work. All images should be in TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format and no bigger than 2MG. No more than 8 images per submission, please.


With the ad space that occupies most magazines, we will be developing what we call "disruptive content" by using those blocks of space on the page to add additional art, writing, and photos. Our disruptive content will in some cases be satirical fake adverts, references to projects that don't actually exists, and things that otherwise compliment or contrast to the primary content on the page. If you are interested in submitting something for consideration as disruptive content, please specify this in your subject line.


For queries/ submissions: submissions@mommatriedmagazine.com

Website: http://www.mommatriedmagazine.com/
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.