13 May 2012

Seeking Young Adult and R0mance for 2012 Cycle: Etopia Press

Post date: 13 May 2012
Etopia Press is currently looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there — and we know they’re out there. Traditional genre fiction, non-traditional or cross-genre fiction, general and literary fiction — there’s no limit to where a writer’s imagination can go when he or she is inspired, and there’s always a reader who wants to go along for the ride.

Here’s what we’re most interested in for 2012:


We’re looking for all kinds of good YA books, but we’re especially interested in paranormal, contemporary, or r0mance featuring female protagonists.

We’d also love to see more LGBT Young Adult fiction, either LGBT r0mance or other sub-genres that feature LGBT characters or themes. Here we’d like male protagonists as well as female.


Do you write your r0mance splashed with a liberal amount of suspense? Do you think a nice, safe story is just boring without a hefty dose of danger? Do you love keeping your readers guessing who done somebody wrong? We’re looking for your best romantic suspense stories, heavy on conflict and adventure, with tough-guy heroes to die for and feisty heroines who don’t need anyone to save them, thank you very much. If this sounds like your book, we’re dying to read it. We’re looking for novels primarily, but will also consider shorter works. Keep these on the spicy side of mainstream up to super h0t er0tics.


From medieval to Regency, Vikings to Scots, we’re looking for more good historical r0mance to add to our list. We’re looking for both traditional r0mace as well as er0tic r0mance–all h3at levels are welcome as long as the passion sings and the pageantry and r0mance of yesterday come alive. Please make sure your historical detail is accurate, and that all details are fully researched. Good historicals aren’t easy to write, but they sure are fun to read…


We’re happy to announce that we now offer an advance on royalties for r0mance and er0tic r0mance over 40,000 words of between $100 and $500. Offers will be made on an individual basis at the time of contract. Shorter works may be considered for an advance based on the author’s publishing history and other factors.

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For inquiries/ submissions: submissions@etopia-press.net

Website: http://etopiapressblog.wordpress.com
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