30 March 2012

Seeking Freelance Writers: Houston Valley Parent Magazine

Post date: 30 March 2012
Hudson Valley Parent magazine is looking to pay freelance writers for quality articles with that personal touch. Yes, we like statistics and all, but engaging readers requires that personal story.

Writers will need to get quotes from local experts and others as the story requires. But we don't want something like this:

"The American Academy of Pediatrics says that 50 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 13 will request to change from their baby doctor to a family physician."

We want:

"When Jane Doe's daughter, Janie, needed to see a physician for a routine physical, she rolled her eyes, and said, "do I have to see the baby doctor? Can't I go where you go?"

We don't want to teach writers how to write like that. It should be how you write already. If you are interested please send writing samples to us and we will be in touch within the week (Sometimes it takes that long because we are on deadline. I am sure you know how that is.)

Location: Hudson Valley

Compensation: $80 to $120 per article


For inquiries: 3rz7h-2928564699@job.craigslist.org

For submissions: 3rz7h-2928564699@job.craigslist.org
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