18 March 2012

Alerion Press Seeks Romance/ Women's Fiction Manuscripts

Post date: 18 March 2012
Alerion Press aims to be the one Christian publishing company open to any and all submissions throughout most genres. There continues to be a growing fascination for stories across the board, and we want to cater to as many as possible.

We're looking for science fiction, fantasy, adventure, romance, mystery and more!


Alerion Press is committed to the highest standards of writing. Due to the numbers of unsolicited manuscripts we receive daily, our guidelines have been formulated to give your manuscript the greatest chance of success in publication.

Please read all these guidelines carefully. Any submission that does not meet all of these factors may be eligible for rejection. Every submission is judged on a case by case basis, ensuring that you get the attention you deserve as an aspirant Christian author.


Easy. Visit our website and either click the ‘Contact’ link available on every page, or go to our ‘Submit’ section. There you will need to fill in your name, contact information, brief bio, manuscript samples and plot synopsis.


We are looking for serious authors, Christian writers who are committed to excellence in their presentation and content. Such authors comply with our guidelines, making the revision process quicker and more enjoyable.

So you have a great story that you would like published. For an effective Manuscript Proposal, please provide us with all the following sections in a single document, each section on its own page:
  • Your Name. We just need to know who you are!
  • Your Contact Information: Let us know how we can write back to you; email is mandatory, phone number is encouraged. A mailing address is acceptable, but not necessary.
  • Your Brief Bio: We want to know what your background is, any awards or publication history, so that we can have a clearer idea of your qualifications. Lack of awards or higher education is not an issue! We accept all authors, newcomers and professionals.
  • Title: The name of your book. Include the subtitle, if appropriate.
  • Your Intended Age Group: We want to know to whom you’re targeting your story; children, young adults, adults.
  • Genre: What style of book? Fiction or non-fiction, type of story, etc. We need to know how to classify it.
  • Your Manuscript’s Blurb: We want to know what you will say on the back of your book. Imagine you have thirty seconds to stand before our board of editors and sell your idea. What will you say? How will you present your idea to spark interest? No more than two paragraphs, preferable short ones, with plenty of questions and hard facts about the story.
  • Your Manuscript’s First Three Chapters: we want to get a feel for your style, how you handle writing, where the story is going. This is your chance to shine, your chance to sell us on how good your story is. If you have a Prologue, then include that and the first Two Chapters. They can be any length. We’re looking for what potential buyers will see when they browse the first couple of pages.
  • Your Manuscript Synopsis: In no more than four pages, provide a comprehensive synopsis of your story, divided by chapters. Include your chapter titles. You are not trying to sell us at this point; you are helping us see where the story is going.
  • Three Independent Contacts: we want to know that other people have read your manuscript and suggested constructive critique. Please include their contact details for email and phone number. We will contact them for their opinions on your manuscript, and to confirm that you have done everything possible to make your manuscript the best it can be.

After reviewing your Manuscript Proposal, our editors will discuss it and then invite you to send us the rest of your manuscript.

Please do not send us complete manuscripts without going through the process of Proposals. Our editors will only commit time to serious authors who follow our guidelines for success. Such manuscripts will be automatically returned with a courteous rejection.

If any of these conditions are not met, your manuscript will be courteously rejected. You are free at any time to re-submit with all qualifications.


In the interests of excellence, we are looking for clean manuscripts with a strong handle on grammar and structure. Please run a thorough spellchecker on your manuscript, and have your three friends read it for presentation and constructive critique.

More than five basic spelling mistakes within your first three chapters reflects on the rest of your manuscript, and qualifies it for rejection.

Remember that the quality of the first three chapters needs to continue throughout your entire manuscript, all the way to the last words in your final chapter. A lack of style and presentation presenting a lower quality of excellence compared to your first couple of chapters will qualify your manuscript for rejection.


For inquiries: contact@alerionpress.co

For submissions: submissions@alerionpress.co

Website: http://www.alerionauthors.com/
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