24 July 2011

Submission Guidelines: Scrapbooking and Beyod Magazine (rate: $100 per page for scrapbooking projects)

Post date: 24 July 2011
Scrapbooking & Beyond™ strives to present quality scrapbooking projects in a straightforward, easily understandable style. As a how-to magazine, our aim is to teach our readers principles and techniques for scrapbooking, lay foundations that encourage readers to develop their own ideas, offer columns that are informative and of interest to our readers, inform readers of new ideas, products, and trends within the industry, and present as wide a variety of projects as space, editorial focus, and audience interest allows. We'd like your projects to be featured in our magazine. We ask that you submit only original material that has not been published elsewhere or is currently under consideration by another publisher.

We request that you first submit several good quality photographs of the project for our consideration. Keep backgrounds simple in order to highlight the project, and include a recognizable object in the picture as a gauge to size and scale of the project. Upon acceptance, we would require the finished item for our photography. Any hand-drawn illustrations or color worksheets should be as detailed as possible.

All original manuscripts for projects should be typed, double-spaced, and include your name, complete street address, and telephone number on the front page. All manuscripts should consist of:

1. A title and short introductory paragraph stating the theme or your inspiration for the idea.
2. List materials and tools in order of importance. Brand names may be included where necessary, but take care to ensure that the product name appears exactly as shown on the product's packaging.
3. Complete step-by-step instructions written clearly and concisely. List the instructions in the order in which they are carried out.
4. Full-size patterns inked in black on white paper. Do not make any notations or labeling on the original pattern; rather, make a copy of the original pattern and label accordingly.
5. Include a complete source of supply for products named in the materials list. List company name, full address, ZIP code, and telephone number.
6. Please include your name, address, and phone number on the back of your project.

Please send your designs to: Scrapbooking & Beyond™, Attn: Jane Guthrie, 7 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874 or submit your design via e-mail at editors@scrapbookingandbeyondmag.com.

For more information, call Jane Guthrie at (973) 347-6900 x 139, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Easter Time, Monday through Friday, or fax (973) 347-6909 or e-mail.

Generic themes are provided for each issue, following the seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter). However, please feel free to submit any layout, project, article, idea, or technique (regardless of theme) that you might want to share with our readers.

Scrapbooking & Beyond looks to present quality scrapbook page layouts and memory related projects that are prepared in an easy to understand and step-by-step style. As a how-to magazine, our aim is to provide readers with the basic principles and techniques necessary to complete the projects presented with full-color photos, detailed close-ups, and full-sized patterns. Informative columns on scrapbooking tools, tips, techniques, creative ideas, and human interest articles are provided in each issue.

We would like your pages, projects and ideas to be featured in our magazine. However, we ask that you submit only original material that has not been published elsewhere nor is currently under consideration by another publisher. We look to provide overviews of a wide variety of subjects to stimulate and encourage our readers to further explore their creativity and skills. Please provide photos, diagrams or other appropriate visuals to support the project or article you wish to submit.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: editors@scrapbookingandbeyondmag.com

For submissions: editors@scrapbookingandbeyondmag.com

Website: http://www.scrapbookingandbeyondmag.com
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