22 July 2011

Call for Submissions: Stories of Forgiveness (Dream of Things Anthology)

Post date: 22 July 2011
One of the books I’d like to publish is a collection of essays about forgiveness. I’m hoping people will share stories about the importance of forgiveness and how they found it in themselves to forgive a person or an act that was difficult to forgive. I think there are a lot of very inspiring stories out there, and it would help a lot of people if we share them.

If you have a story about forgiveness, please submit it using our online submissions form.

Submissions deadline: Open until further notice.

Guidelines for Anthologies

Dream of Things was founded with the intent of publishing anthologies of creative nonfiction that will fill the gap between popular anthologies that publish stories that are “short and sweet” (sometimes so saccharine-sweet they are hard to swallow), and the Best American Essays series, which are typically quite a bit longer. The goal for Dream of Things anthologies is to publish writing that is not short and sweet, but short and deep. With depth comes authenticity. The result is stories that are easier to swallow because they are authentic, and easier to digest because they average 1,250 words in length.

More about “creative nonfiction”: Creative nonfiction to us means true stories told in a creative and compelling manner. The story you submit can be inspiring, heartwarming, humorous or thought-provoking. Most of all, the story you submit should be a story. Tell us the story of a meaningful or humorous experience, or the story of an interesting or colorful person. It’s not enough to simply share your insights and observations; tell us the story of how you learned those lessons. Similarly, it’s not enough to simply write about an interesting person; tell us the story that shows that person at his or her best. The best way to get a feel for the type of writing we are looking for is to read other books that have been published by Dream of Things.

Your story can be anywhere from 500 to 2,500 words long. We accept previously published material as long as you have retained rights to the work. We also accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. You will receive initial notice of Dream of Thing’s interest in 2-3 months, and final notice 1-2 months prior to publication.


Dream of Things pays a royalty of 10% of the cover price on trade paperback books, and a 30% of the net receipts on electronic books. If a hardcover edition is published, Dream of things pays a royalty of 15% of the cover price of the hardcover book. For anthologies, Dream of Things purchases one-time rights. Royalties are paid twice per year. Each author’s share of the royalties is prorated. (Example: If you contribute a story to an anthology that includes a total of 25 stories, you would receive 4% of the royalties for that book.) Authors also receive two free copies upon publication, and a 50% discount on additional copies. For all other books, payment terms and rights are negotiable.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: editor@dreamofthings.com

For submissions: submit here

Website: http://dreamofthings.com
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