13 June 2011

Grandmother Earth/ Life Press National Writing Awards

Post date: 13 June 2011
Deadline: 6 July 2011

Open to anyone who pays the entry fees of 1-3 entries: $10; $2 for each additional entry. No limit on the number of entries in each category as long as fees are paid. Critique: $10 for 1-4; $15 for up to 10 entries (limit 4 in each category to be critiqued, but no limit on the number of entries in category.)

Poems non-published previously or published (except in Grandmother Earth) may be considered if writers owns reprint rights.

1. Poetry—Subject: Biblical; 40 line limit. $100; 30; 25, 10

2. Poetry—Haiku, short form or free verse; 10 line limit; $50, 25, 10

3. Short Fiction—inspirational or humorous; 1800 words limit. $75, 50

All money prizes will be printed in Grandmother Earth XVIII. One free copy will be given to each entrant. (An additional copy will be sent to anyone included in the publication.) Others may be considered if the writer gives specific permission. Art no larger than 5x7 will be considered. No fee. Contributor’s copy only. ALL SHOULD SEND ADDRESS FOR RETURN. Send a 25-30 word biographical statement. All entries should be suitable for family publications. No trite language or careless imagery. No new age or profanity. Please send change in address to be eligible for the free copy (copies)Send two copies of each entry; one with identification: name, address, email with fees by DEADLINE: JULY 6 POSTMARK

To: Grandmother Earth/Life Press
P. O. Box 2018
Cordova, TN 38018

Questions: Call 901-309-3692 or email: gmoearth@gmail.com

Send one copy of each original entry with name and number of the contest and no identification. Include a cover sheet with your name, address, telephone number, email and list of all entries in each contest with total fees paid. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope for winners’ list. Entries being critiqued will be returned at the conference or if a SASE is enclosed for those not attending.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: gmoearth@gmail.com

For submissions: Grandmother Earth/Life Press, P. O. Box 2018, Cordova, TN 38018

Website: http://www.grandmotherearth.org
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