18 May 2011

Open to Young Adult Fiction Submissions: Tradewind Books (Canada)

Post date: 18 May 2011
Tradewind Books is a publisher of books for children and young adults. Please review our online catalogue to see the types of books that we publish before you submit your work.

Submission Policy

At Tradewind Books, we accept unsolicited submissions from both writers and illustrators. We ask that writers show that they have read at least 3 of our titles before submitting a manuscript. All submissions must include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. We try to respond within three months. Do not submit more than one manuscript at a time.

Types of Submission

Picture Books:

We accept submissions from both writers and illustrators. Writers should submit the entire manuscript of their picture book. If you are a professional illustrator submitting a picture book, please include the manuscript, a dummy, and a sample reproduction of the final artwork. Do not send original artwork.

Chapter Books:

Please submit the first three chapters, a chapter outline and a plot summary. We do accept chapter book submissions from non-Canadians for books that will be illustrated.

Young Adult Fiction:

We accept YA fiction only from Canadian authors. See guidelines for chapter books above.


Please send a book-length collection of your own poems.


We do not publish information books.


We accept picture book projects and sample illustrations. To submit a picture book, please see guidelines for picture books above. To submit samples, please send them in the form best suited to the art.

Where to Send Your Submission

Please submit your manuscript with a cover letter of relevant information, including your own experience with writing and publishing. All submissions should be sent to:

Tradewind Books
202-1807 Maritime Mews,
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3W7

Contact Information:

For inquiries: tradewindbooks@yahoo.com

For submissions: Tradewind Books, 202-1807 Maritime Mews,Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3W7

Website: http://www.tradewindbooks.com
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