18 May 2011

Managing Editor Wanted for Beauty-Based Multimedia Company (Phoenix)

Post date: 18 May 2011
Beauty based multimedia company with bimonthly print and digital magazine seeks Managing Editor. This is a multi-faceted position that includes some writing and editorial work but also some other supportive work to enhance readership, marketing, public recognition, symbiotic relationships, etc. Duties include:

1. Editorial Management

-Plan bimonthly editorial calendar
-Write blogs, articles, web content, TV pitches, vlog scripts, press releases, etc. as needed
-Assign and edit all blogs, articles, etc. and give final approval to post/print
-Update web content daily and lead website redesign efforts
-Work with IT staff to solve all technical difficulties with website and digital magazine
-Interview celebs and beauty company founders for feature articles
-Hire, mentor and oversee all editorial/marketing/PR interns
-Oversee the product review process
-Help conceptualize, organize and oversee all photo and video shoots for the magazine and website
-Coordinate overall concept and layout for all magazine articles with graphic design team and art director
-Work with producer and video editor on conceptualization, shooting and editing of all behind the scenes, vlog and other video footage
-Appear on TV spots as company beauty expert

2. Relationship Building

-Develop positive working relationships with industry players and PR reps
-Reach out to beauty groups and relevant contacts through email and social media sites like LinkedIn for future networking opportunities
-Contact women’s, non-profit and other local organizations for co-op event opportunities
-Maintain solid relationships with current contributing writers and seek out new coveted contacts to approach for editorial consideration
-Reach out to local media members

3. Event Planning

-Help conceptualize, plan and bring to fruition various company sponsored and participating events
-Identify events to cover for the Spotlight photography section of the magazine

4. Marketing/Distribution Partnerships

-Help with various partnership initiative to build digital subscriber database
-Lead efforts to partner with women’s groups and beauty industry groups for distribution partnerships

The print magazine currently is distributed in the Phoenix metro area and is about to launch in the Dallas metro area and will be expanding to other select cities. The digital magazine subscriber list is more national in scope.

This position requires someone who is as passionate about business as he/she is about beauty. The position is also not one with a significant salary at this point but there are significant opportunities for growth as the company grows. Please email detailed resume and salary history.

Location: North Scottsdale

Via: craigslist.org

Contact Information:

For inquiries: job-3fpup-2386851100@craigslist.org

For submissions: job-3fpup-2386851100@craigslist.org
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