15 May 2011

Mommy Editor/ Blogger Wanted for SitSwap.ca: Every Mother's Secret to Affordable Childcare (Canada)

Post date: 15 May 2011
Launching this June is SitSwap.ca "Every Mother's Secret to Affordable Childcare" - an internet-based company reaching moms in 26 cities across Ontario.

SitSwap.ca was created by a Canadian mother of 2 children. She launched SitSwap as a cost-effective solution to the lack of affordable childcare in Ontario. Good going as this is a current hot topic.

SitSwap members will be sent a monthly newsletter called "ME Time". If you are a mother, you will understand the sheer importance of having refreshing breaks away from your children. We need this to time to recharge, reset, recoup. SitSwap provides women with cost -effective childcare so moms CAN get their "ME Time" to keep growing as a person (or at least a visit to the spa!).

Every month, "ME Time" will feature influential women from the Ontario community. It is meant to INSPIRE moms and lead them to think outside the "Mommy Box". We will not publish articles regarding cradle cap, lice, MMR shots, etc. There are plenty of sites that offer this advice already. "Me Time" is part of the SitSwap escape-package away from motherhood. The rebirth of oneself - the 2nd Chapter - what's next?

Ideally, you are a "linked in" journalist using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps you blog. Perhaps you have been published in print. You must have a following. But one thing is for sure, you are a mother...and you understand what it is to fulfill a labour of love.

If you can craft inspirational pieces and have experience writing to this million dollar "Mommy" market...let's talk. SitSwap.ca was mentioned in The Toronto Star this week.

Our target market is women - Ontario MOMS with children - under 7.

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

Salary: Open to discussion

Contact Information:

For inquiries: tracey@sitswap.ca

For submissions: tracey@sitswap.ca

Website: http://www.sitswap.ca/
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