26 May 2011

Deadline Extended - Call for Articles: Edited Volume on Women Writers and Psychoanalysis (Cambridge Scholar Press)

Post date: 26 May 2011
Deadline: 15 June 2011 (from 1 May 2011)

I'm seeking article submissions for a volume of critical essays, which will be published by Cambridge Scholars Press. The collection will focus on twentieth-century female writers' responses to the work of Sigmund Freud with a particular emphasis on alternative models of the psychoanalytic process posed by women. The book will move beyond critiques of Freud and his influence on twentieth century ideas about gender, demonstrating instead the ways women writers have reclaimed agency through the artistic process. With that in mind, the essays selected for publication will address the following topics:
  • Feminist revisions of Freudian texts
  • Responses to popular depictions of psychoanalytic culture
  • Efforts to write psychoanalysis through form, style, and technique
  • Freud's role as a cultural figure
  • Psychoanalysis as an American institution
Please send completed articles, not abstracts, to Kristina Marie Darling by June 15th, 2011. The email address for submissions is kristinamariedarling@yahoo.com

Contact Information:

For inquiries: kristinamariedarling@yahoo.com

For submissions: kristinamariedarling@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.c-s-p.org/
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