26 May 2011

Call for Submissions: Collection of Essays Exploring Lois Lane

Post date: 26 May 2011
Deadline: 1 August 2011

Collection of essays exploring the character Lois Lane from the DC Superman Universe.

Did you ever wonder about the woman behind Superman? The woman who supports him and without whom one of America’s favourite heroes would be unable to fulfil his destiny? Rightly so! And yet, there is no work that examines this central figure in the Superman universe.

BEING LOIS will be the first book that will focus on this female protagonists and her significance in popular culture.

Lois Lane first appeared in the issue # 1 of the in 1938 founded Superman universe. Since her creation Lois Lane’s character has developed even more than Superman’s. The woman next to the man of steel had to find and fight her way through multiple feministic waves, eight decades of changing ideologies and the constant reinvention of her character by other artists.

Starting with the graphic novels, over radio and Broadway appearances to various movies and TV shows, not to forget the multitude of culture references that are connected to her, Lois Lane never left the audiences’ sight. This well beloved character not only functions as a role model for millions of women and girls, but she also reflects women’s struggles within a mostly male dominated world.

This publication aims to examine Lois Lane in literature, art, and other media to questions concerning sexuality, gender, social change and feminism. It will provide an interdisciplinary stage for the development of innovative and creative research and examine this vital and complex female protagonist in all her various manifestations and cultural meanings.

Please send one page (around 500 words) abstracts to the following E-mail address Lois.Lane@gmx.net

Writers submit a 1-page synopsis of their proposed chapter to us clearly stating:

[a] the research question
[b] the methodology
[c] the findings
[d] the bibliography (5 sources)

Contact Information:

For inquiries: Nadine Farghaly at Lois.Lane@gmx.net

For submissions: Lois.Lane@gmx.net
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