19 April 2011

Manzanita Writers Press Writing Contest: Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate

Post date: 19 April 2011
Deadline: 31 December 2011

A contest for our new collection - A Taste of Literary Elegance: Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate. Submit your poetry, prose, art, and/or photography today! Entries should incorporate wine, cheese, and/or chocolate in an elegant way. The fee is $10 for two entries. Offering $900 in prizes, as well as inclusion in this collection. Submissions will close on Dec. 31, 2011.

Submit work electronically to mrosemanza@jps.net by 11:30 PM on Dec.31. Entry fees must be postmarked by the this deadline. Make out the check to Manzanita Writers Press, PO Box 632, San Andreas, CA 95249.

For questions, please email queries: mrosemanza@jps.net

General Instructions

* All writers must submit their original works. Paste the Rights Statement in the body of the email with each submission (Rights Statement is located at the bottom of this page).

* Previously published work IS acceptable. Must have attributions attached for previous publication.

* Cover letter, bio, and submission can all be included in the body of the email

* Electronic Submission ONLY

* Submission fee should be a check and should be mailed to the press

Payment and Prizes

* The cost is $10 for two entries (just one entry is still $10). Additional submissions should be accompanied by 10.00 increments.

* All entrants whose work is chosen for publication in our book will receive 2 contributor copies as payment. We will notify you of your selection within three months after the deadline.

* There are three prize categories: poetry, prose, and art-photography. Prizes will be awarded in each category

o 1st Prize = $200
o 2nd Prize = $100
o Honorable Mentions: Will be included in the publication and receive two copies of the book

* All prize-winners will be included in the book

General Submission Requirements

* E-mail text must include a brief biographical statement (50 words only), contact information (address, phone, e-mail) and RIGHTS statement (pasted into each submission e-mail--copy the RIGHTS STATEMENT at the bottom of this page).

* All literature and art work must be submitted by e-mail and attachments must be in Word, 12 pt. font and saved as an older Word file (2003), OR better yet, work can be pasted into the body of the email or attached as a rich text file.

* Send a separate e-mail for each submission

* The Subject Line of the Email must include the word "contest" AND:
o The genre of the entry (i.e. poetry, prose, or art-photography)
o Last name, first name
o Title of work

Example: Contest-Poetry-Bard, Jason-Foothill Lament

Poetry Submissions: Requirements

* Submit with spacing as the poem will appear on the page
o Note: Unusual formatting of poems or unusually long lines may be problematic

* Place poet’s last name and title of each poem in top right corner

* Please type in “stanza break” if the poem continues to a second page

* Poetry must be 40 or fewer lines - lines should fit within a 6 x 9 format - watch line length

* Send poems directly to mrosemanza@jps.net

Prose Submissions: Requirements

* Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced

* Place the shortened title of the work and last name in top right corner of every page with pagination.

Short Fiction / Nonfiction Submissions: Requirements

* Fiction or nonfiction must be 1,000 or fewer words.

* Short shorts (flash fiction) must be 700 words or fewer.

* Prose word count does NOT include title and byline.

* Proofread all work carefully.

Art and Photography Submissions: Requirements

* Submit Color or Black and White Photography/ Color Photography/ and Art Submissions by email

* For review, submit work for viewing or a link to art work to be viewed, or as an attachment as follows:
o JPEG (.jpg) high resolution, minimum 300 dp. Small size: 3-4 inches.

* Mail photos or art copies to Manzanita PO Box 632 San Andreas, CA 95249 OR drop them off at the Arts Council Gallery and office at 22 Main St., San Andreas, CA located next to the Historic Courthouse and Museum

* Note: The book text is black and white with a glossy, color cover. Color artwork and photography need good contrast, resolution, and clarity to be reproduced in black and white. We will have color interior pages as well.

* Keep in mind that artwork may either be in color or black and white. Line drawings, charcoal, etchings, woodcuts, etc. are all welcome and lend themselves to better reproduction. Color artwork will reproduce in grey scale or in color depending on the work submitted and editorial considerations.

* If work is selected, TIFF (tif) or larger file may be requested if available.

* Submit work with excellent resolution and clarity.

Rights Statement

Copy and paste the following Rights Statement in the body of your email submission document:

I certify that I am the sole copyright holder of the work described in the body of this e-mail or attached to this e-mail. Previously published work has attributions attached. By submitting the work to Manzanita Writers Press, I grant the press rights to publish the work in the forthcoming anthology, A Literary Taste of Elegance - fine writing with wine, cheese, and chocolate, and in an archives or collection online for viewing on a web site, or in ebook or other format. In addition, I grant permission for my work to be shown for promotional purposes. I also grant Manzanita Writers Press the right to match my work with artwork or photography according to editor decisions. If the work accepted and published in this collection is subsequently published in another forum or venue, we will be credited as well with publication attributions.

Writer / Artist Notification

* Manzanita reports on acceptance via e-mail within 3 months of the deadline

* If your work is accepted for publication you will be notified by e-mail

* You may not receive verification of receipt of the work, so it is up to the contributor to confirm receipt with a query

* We reserve the right to edit work for obvious errors. We will contact you if this is necessary.

* Please promptly notify us of any address or e-mail changes throughout the reading period

For more information and for sample poems, contact Monika Rose, Editor at mrosemanza@jps.net

Contact Information:

For inquiries: mrosemanza@jps.net

For submissions: mrosemanza@jps.net

Website: http://www.manzanitacalifornia.org
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