15 April 2011

Cal for Submissions: Twisted Fairy Tales (New Dawning Bookfair)

Post date: 15 April 2011
Submission Guidelines

New Dawning Bookfair welcomes submissions from published and non-published authors. If you are an non-published author, we are very interested in finding undiscovered talent. Please start the process by filling out the form below. Tell us a little about yourself and give us a brief description of your book. If interested, we will send a submission package including an overview of the company and request the manuscript.

Twisted Fairy Tales

We are now accepting submissions for our Twisted Fairy Tale series. New Dawning Bookfair is seeking clever, imaginative versions of all fairy tales. Pen your favorite tale as an erotic, romantic or young adult story in 6000 to 25000 words for submission by April 20th. If we like it, we will include it in our grand opening celebration scheduled for May 20th. Those interested should select a story and email your selection to newdawning@ymail.com.

Stories selected so far include:

# Alice in Wonderland
# Beauty and the Beast
# Cinderella
# Goldilocks and the three Bears
# Little Red Riding Hood
# Puss 'n Boots
# Sleeping Beauty
# The Three Little Pigs
# Pinnochio

Please format your work (manuscript and synopsis) as follows:

• When sending your manuscript/synopsis please name them: Title_Author initials_full/synopsis. For instance, if your name is Summer Romance and you’re writing a book called Beach Love, you’d name your manuscript
BeachLove_SR_full and your synopsis BeachLove_SR_synopsis.
• RTF (Rich Text File) only
• Author name and contact information and book title should appear on the first page of your manuscript, synopsis and query
• 1.25 inch margins
• 1.5 line spacing
• Book Antigua or New Times Roman, 12pt.
• Page break at the end of each chapter

The cover page of your synopsis must have your contact information and the basic details of your story:

• Real Name/Pen Name
• Address
• Contact Phone
• Email address
• Working Title (include series name if applicable)
• Word Count
• Genre/s
• Blurb (less than 200 words)

When your manuscript is fully polished and ready to go, please send a short query letter and your submission to newdawning@ymail.com. Please allow up to four weeks for a reply. We will not waste our time on simultaneous submissions. We will, however, make every effort to make a decision within a month.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: newdawning@ymail.com

For submissions: newdawning@ymail.com

Website: http://www.newdawningbookfair.com/
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