04 January 2011

Writing for The Travel Belles

Post date: 04 January 2011
Our goal for The Travel Belles is to be a high quality, inspiring and practical place to conceive, and perhaps even someday, plan the trips of your dreams.

A writer for The Travel Belles most definitely doesn’t have to be from the South! Heck, she can be a he, as long as the piece is written with our audience in mind. Before submitting we advise you read at least several of our articles to see the kinds of things we publish and read our About page.

We are looking for 400 – 1200 word pieces including:

# Lively traditional destination pieces that don’t read as if they were plucked from a tourism brochure. Some of the information can be, but aim to provide things that are purposeful, authentic and practical.
# Insider pieces about metropolitan areas or destinations where you either live, or you know intimately. We think lots of writers are sitting on a mother lode of information about places people would love to travel. What would you share with your best friend or mother that can’t be found in a traditional travelogue ? Tell us about the bistro several blocks off the beaten path located in an old laundromat, the boutique hotel or bed and breakfast that you’ve never seen in the pages of a glossy travel magazine, the best place to picnic and watch the sunset, or the funky museum. Strong point of view okay.

Writers Guidelines

# Pieces with a personal touch on everything from specific hotels and restaurants, to products related to travel, to health and humor. We also love travel related books and movies! Keep in mind we’re a positive place and come a little bit from the school of grandma that says, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Bottom line: Keep it constructive. If you’d like a specific assignment, please email Margo a little about yourself and what you enjoy writing about at the address below.

… and last but not least…

* First person pieces that only you can tell (and can’t that cover pretty much anything else?)

Are you an expert on a popular destination or topic? Do you have a strong point of view and lots to say on travel topics? Please let us know!

Dazzle us with your unique voice and point of view, and sense of humor.

Payment Details: We are happy to announce that starting in January 2011 we will officially be a paying publication. We pay $10 (ten US dollars) per article. We pay via Paypal in American currency on the last day of the month following the month when you are published. For example, if your article is published in February, you will be paid by at the end of March. At this time we do not pay for accompanying photos. Stories will be edited for length and content. Payment is not negotiable. (FYI: The editor doesn’t even pay herself yet.)

Rights: We run previously unpublished material. We hold exclusive rights, keep your article archived on the web, and reserve the right to re-run on a different permalink, and print and all electronic anthology rights. These conditions are negotiable on case by case basis.

Guest Posts: With our new payment policy in place, a new guest posting policy is forthcoming.

How to Submit: Submissions are accepted at editor@thetravelbelles.com, with “Submission” written in the subject line. Please either paste the written content in the body of the email or send as a Word doc saved in “rich text format.” Improperly submitted pieces will not be considered. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Photographs are desired and please send them along with your submission especially if you feel it enhances your work. If you haven’t heard from us in a month or so, feel free to give us a nudge via email!

More information here.
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.