14 January 2011

Writing for The Northwest Woman Magazine (pay rate: $0.10 per word)

Post date: 14 January 2011
Northwest Woman™is a bimonthly magazine designed to enhance and nurture the body, mind and spirit of the Northwest woman. In a nutshell, Northwest Woman™ is a magazine that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had lunch with your best friend. Our goal is to reach females ages 30 to 60+ who are active personally and in the community. We offer a visual environment which fosters creativity and supports the dynamic side of the Northwest woman.

Harvest Rain Press and its subsidiaries solicit articles from freelance writers. Issues are organized around themes. In general, the more appropriate an article is for a theme issue, the more likely we will be able to publish it. We also accept articles on special topics if the subject is not related to a theme but is of great interest. Other important information: Decisions regarding publication are made by the editorial staff. Harvest Rain Press LLC reserves the right to reject material, whether solicited or otherwise, if it lacks quality or timeliness. Harvest Rain Press LLC offers no remuneration for articles.

What we are Looking for at Northwest Woman™

* Features describing research-based solutions to current problems faced by women.
* Opinion pieces that interweave experiences and ideas and reasoned debate on controversial subjects.
* Biographies of women, or descriptions of amazing services or products that serves to empower, educate and inspire women.
* Make-over tips from beauty, fashion, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
* Fashion must haves.
* Tips on becoming business savvy and financially wise women.
* Seasonal recipes which includes a biography of the chef and company description.
* Northwest wineries which includes a biography of the winemaker or owners and company description.
* Women’s health which includes fitness and overall well being.
* Northwest women authors and books for review that is of interest to our readers.


We are not looking for term papers or reviews of literature, and we rarely publish conventional research reports. We cannot review drafts and usually do not find query letters helpful; we prefer to read the manuscript. While your article is under review, we ask that you not submit it to another publication or post it on a web site, even your own. Articles should not be previously published, either in print or electronic form.


Articles will be written by those who exhibit a passion for sharing information in an uplifting, positive, and practical manner. They will possess the ability to provide well-researched, action oriented articles. Authors bear full responsibility for the accuracy of citations, quotations, figures, and facts. We recommend you familiarize yourself with Northwest Woman Magazine. Articles are accepted via mail or preferably via e-mail. Article text should be in digital format (Microsoft Word). Submit seasonal materials a minimum of four months in advance. Byline given must be included with your manuscript. Submission will not be returned without a SASE. In order to receive a copy of the issue containing your article, please include your mailing address.

Send a copy of your manuscript via e-mail after you have been requested to do so. Articles that are mailed will not be returned unless you include a self-addressed, stamped 9 x 12 envelope. Please do not fax or e-mail your manuscript unless requested to do so. You can expect to receive a phone call or e-mail from the editor telling you that the manuscript has been received.

If you discover an error after mailing your manuscript, please call or send us an e-mail on the correction. Small errors can be corrected in the editing process.

If your manuscript is accepted, even provisionally, it enters the pool of manuscripts on hand for a particular theme issue, or for use as a special topic. When we assemble a particular issue, we review all manuscripts to make selections for the table of contents. We consider many factors, such as the balance of perspectives, locations, grade levels, and topics. You will be notified if your manuscript is selected for the final table of contents.

All manuscript selections are tentative until we go to press. During the editing and layout process, we may have to make last-minute space adjustments and, thus, very occasionally, must omit an article we had provisionally accepted.

Please submit articles to editor@northwestwoman.com

Writer's Fees

Feature articles are an average of 1,400 – 1,600 words and we offer $0.10 a word. Other articles are an average of 500-800 words and we offer $0.10 a word. Payment is usually given within 30 days after the issue has been released and a copy of the magazine and writer’s fee will be mailed to the author.

We do not reimburse articles prepared and submitted by an author that serves to benefit, enhance and encourage our readers to support their company and/or services. The same applies for individuals who represent that company. We do not make any payments for press release articles or advertorials. In exchange for their editorial contribution a 30 word bio and the company’s contact information will be included in the article.

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