01 January 2011

Pyrothean Productions Seeks Romance Film Script

Post date: 01 January 2011
Reply to: gigs-xmepa-2134639823@craigslist.org

Pyrothean Productions is an independent filmmaker group, currently producing some short film projects area. We are seeking a powerful romance script, preferable elegant/poetic and in a trendy and contemporary setting. Emphasis should be on passion, emotional undertones, strong/memorable characters, and dreamy/witty dialogue that avoids being too funny or corny. Also as this is a short film, we are not looking for anything too complex to produce or requiring extensive equipment, special effects, or locations.

If you have or can write something along those lines, please reply with a brief synopsis or treatment (1 page max). If we decide to work with your story we will met with you to discuss writer's fees etc, and you may choose to stay on in the project during production to see it through the end!

Compensation: TBD

More information here.
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