08 January 2011

Job Opening: Web Editor for Cash for Kids (UK)

Post date: 08 January 2011
Employer: Bauer Radio

Location: Teesside

Salary: £20k+ (depending on experience)

The Role:

To work as part of the Cash for Kids team in order to maintain, support and develop ditial platforms which will deliver additonal on line opportunity for fundraising and support commercial charity campaigns

Role Responsibilities:

Ensure Charity projects are professionally designed and implemented

Contribute to the team-based effort to create exciting and successful charity platforms which will assist charity revenue growth

Maintain and refresh content on Cash for Kids sectional pages

Liaison with the Charity staff on creation and build of promotional charity content

Create dynamic on line/ digital fundraising platforms

Work in co-operation with other members of the digital design and development teams to ensure that the charities maximise on web development opportunities

Education, Skills & Knowledge, personal characteristics:

Knowledge / Skills:

• Good communication skills both written and oral

• Good technology skills

• Excellent knowledge of CSS, XHTML and JavaScript

• Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

• Good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Flash

• Webpage design flow, from initial design to full implemention

• Ability to create on line video streaming and audio content

Personal characteristics:

• Must be driven and capable of driving the objective of product delivery

• Must be able to problem-solve in technical areas

• Demonstrate passion, resilience, tenacity, resourcefulness and curiosity in their role

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