26 December 2010

Job Opening: Managing Editor for Mom Magazine (Oregon)

Post date: 26 December 2010
Deadline: 21

Job Description
Managing Editor, Lane County Oregon
Reports to
MOM Magazine Publisher, Raeann Van Arsdall
Editorial Responsibilities
Local issue must reflect the community and local moms. To establish local flavor, Local Editor will provide the
following content by deadline, for each of six issues per year.
> One cover mom per issue, coordinate photo session and answers to interview questions.
> Local seasonal events list for each issue. (i.e. santa, Easter egg hunts, etc.)
> One Mr. MOM columnist per issue.
> One editorial story of choice per year, approx. 300 words. (i.e. favorite recipe, fitness, mom style, etc.)
Advertising Sales Responsibilities
Local Editor will fulfill sales responsibilities by deadline.
> All steps in MOM Magazine sales process.
> Service of advertisers includes the following.
- honor meetings, appointments and commitments
- present official proposals, ad menu and contracts
- complete and archive contracts for all advertisers
- delivery of approved ad files for all advertisers each issue, by deadline
- local collection of outstanding invoices
Corporate Brand and Image Representation
Local Editor is the face of MOM Magazine and will build and sustain that image by representing the magazine
in their community.
> Use MOM Magazine corporate collateral for all written and online communication.
(i.e. logo, business cards, letterhead, thank you cards, etc.)
> Attend all events agreed to be appropriate for the region.
(i.e. Chamber of Commerce, business networking groups, county fairs and festivals, etc.)
> Writing skills that reflect a professional and friendly tone in written, online or casual communication.
> Appearance for meetings and events appropriate to represent MOM Magazine in a professional way.
Home Office and Transportation
Local Editor is responsible for home office location, supplies, expenses and vehicle maintenance.
> Minimum computer requirements include computer, printer/copier/fax, software and proficiency in
WORD, EXCEL, Acrobat, Google docs, internet research and email.
> Cell phone communication with dedicated number and professional message
> File organization of all contracts, advertiser contact information and sales records
MOM Meetings
Local Editors will be in attendance for company meetings.
> Annual retreat to plan editorial content and set sales goals. Approximately three days.
> Quarterly face-to-face meetings. Approximately one day each.
> Weekly conference calls. Approximately one hour each.
Time Commitment
Local Editor will have a flexible, self-managed schedule and will include availability for the following items.
> During agreed-upon times for communication via phone and email.
> For client emails, phone calls and meetings.
> During press week to finalize questions from publisher, designer and printer.
Commission Structure
Amount of commission is based on Ad Sales Level. Ad Level is based on contract sales dollars at press time.
Commission is paid upon receipt of payment from advertisers. A bonus will be paid each issue at press date
upon reaching contract sales of Ad Levels Green and SuperGreen, payable upon advertiser contract receipt.
Example (per issue)
Ad sales level Percentage Gross sales Commission Annual income
SuperGreen 30% > $30,000 > $9,000 > $54,000
Green 25% $26,250 to $29,999 $6,562 to $7,500 $39,375 to $45,000
Yellow 20% $22,500 to $26,249 $4,500 to $5,100 $27,000 to $30,600
Red 15% < $22,500 < $3,375 < $20,250
Type of Contract
Local Editor is an independent contract employee, and is therefore responsible for billing
MOM Magazine and paying expenses such as
> taxes > meals
> vehicle, fuel and mileage > home office supplies
MOM Magazine will provide funds for occasional expenses such as client meals, client gifts, thank you gifts or event
supplies and travel. All MOM Magazine expenses will be approved prior to purchase and receipts supplied for accounting.
Term of Commitment
One year renewable contract, subject to termination by both parties at any time. MOM Magazine will terminate
contract if Local Editor does not meet minimum, agreed-upon requirements.
Applications – deadline 5 p.m. on December 21, 2010
MOM Career History form available at www.mommag.com, select Eugene, select Employment.
Please mail resume and MOM Career History form to the address below. No digital resumes will be accepted.
MOM Media, LLC
Attn: Managing Editor Submission
2532 Santiam Hwy SE, #102
Albany, OR 97322

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