23 December 2010

Call for Submissions - Feminist Economics: Land, Gender, and Food Security

Post date: 23 December 2010
Deadline: 15 January 2011

A Special Issue:


Guest Editors

Stephanie Seguino, Gale Summerfield, and Dzodzi Tsikata

In reaction to the global food price crisis in 2007–8 as well as concerns over population pressures and water shortages, wealthier developing countries and newly industrialized ones have begun a surge of leasing and acquisition of millions of hectares of farmland in many poorer developing countries. The expanding global demand for biofuels and other non-food agricultural commodities, along with rising agricultural commodity prices, represent an additional impetus for these acquisitions by wealthier developing countries. Experts are concerned that these large-scale land deals will increase food insecurity and inequalities within the countries that lease or sell land. Such transactions may also widen income gaps between the wealthier and poorer developing countries engaged in them.

To date, analyses of land acquisitions have not addressed gender implications of these processes. Given women’s important roles as producers and consumers of agricultural products in affected countries and the implications of gender equality for long-run growth, this is a critical lacuna in research. For this special issue, Feminist Economics encourages scholars from economics and related disciplines to submit papers that reveal gender impacts of the leases and acquisitions, including effects on women’s access to land, intrahousehold allocation, on-farm agricultural productivity, household food security, and investments in children’s well-being. Consideration of gender differences related to class, ethnicity, and location are encouraged. Feminist Economics especially welcomes submissions from the Global South and transition economies.

Contributions may cover diverse topics, including but not limited to:

* Distributional, including gender, effects on access to and control over land and livelihoods
* Gender employment effects and broader socioeconomic impacts of land leasing and land acquisition
* Impacts of the leasing arrangements on urban and rural producers and consumers
* Land rights, human rights, and socioeconomic justice
* Responses by civil society and government to land acquisitions

Deadline for abstracts: Please direct queries and abstracts (500 words maximum) to the Guest Editors, Stephanie Seguino (sseguino@uvm.edu), Gale Summerfield (summrfld@illinois.edu), and Dzodzi Tsikata (dzodzit@yahoo.co.uk or dtsikata@ug.edu.gh), no later than 15 January 2011.

If the Guest Editors approve an abstract, the potential contributor may be eligible to apply for a small amount of funding to partially defray research expenses. The complete, invited manuscript will be due 1 August 2011 and should be submitted to Feminist Economics through the submissions website (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rfec). Questions about these procedures may be sent to feministeconomics@rice.edu, +1.713.348.4083 (phone), or +1.713.348.5495

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