21 December 2010

Call for Submissions: European Women's Voice Magazine

Post date: 21 December 2010
Deadline: 15 January 2011

The European Women's Lobby will soon publish the first edition of its e-magazine European Women’s Voice to be published 3-4 times each year. Each edition of this e-magazine will cover a given theme of current political importance and as per the EWL Work program and priorities defined by the membership.

Aims of the European Women’s Voice

* to raise awareness about the situation in terms of women’s rights and gender equality at the European and national levels and help keep ensure the issue is high on the political agenda;
* to give visibility to the expertise of the EWL membership and other key feminist actors/academics in the field;
* to highlight the political position of the EWL and the implementing actions of the membership;
* to allow for the exchange of ideas and good practice.

Contents of the European Women’s Voice

The e-magazine may contain a variety of contributions, including but not limited to:

* in-depth analysis;
* interviews with key actors/stakeholders;
* results of data-gathering exercises.

Criteria for selection

* relevance to given thematic area;
* relevance to work and political positions of the EWL;
* language: in English or French;
* length: maximum 2000 words.

Publication and distribution of the European Women’s Voice

The e-magazine will be published electronically in English and in French. The design will allow for in-house printing. The e-magazine will be made available on the EWL website and distributed by e-mail to all EWL contacts.

Call for abstracts

Considering the current EWL priorities, the first edition will concentrate on the issue of violence against women. If you would like to contribute, you are requested to submit an abstract or brief description of your proposal (between 50 and 250 words) in English or French to barrington@womenlobby.org before 15 January 2011.

For any further information, please contact barrington@womenlobby.org.

More information here.
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