25 December 2010

Call for Stories: Mommies' Priceless Moments (pays $50 per story)

Post date: 25 December 2010
Topic 1: We all take our eyes off of our children briefly. Describe in detail the worse or most embarrassing thing you caught your young one doing.

Topic 2: Tell us in detail a story of the most disgusting and unexpected thing you have encountered as a new mom.

In 1,000 words or less write a short story about a posted topic.

Stories should be humorous/embarrassing or offer helpful advice related to the subject.

Stories should be written in the first person (from an “I” or “we” perspective).

Submit only stories that have not been submitted previously for publication, or published.

If we choose your short story as the most humorous, helpful, or unique, you will win $50.00.

If Mommies’ Priceless Moments publishes your short story you will receive $50.00.

Submit here.
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