16 November 2010

ChickLitShorties.com's Extra Shorty Contest

Post date: 16 November 2010
Deadline: 24 November 2010

Welcome to our Extra Shorty Contest, Technology Twist!

For this Extra Shorty Contest, Technology Twist, your prompt is coming from Alisa Dana Steinberg’s comedic Text Me, A Tale of Love And Technology (a top 50 pick in Amazon’s Women’s Fiction Best Seller List!)

And to put our own technological twist on the contest – and to have more fun, of course! – we’re requiring that each of your 5oo character story entries includes at least one text message!

Another fun detail: we’ll have five (5) winners this time! They will be the following:

1. As usual, each story entered can be rated by a thumbs up “Like” button. At the end of the contest, the top “Liked” story is a winner!
2. The next top 3 liked stories are all finalists that go to one of our Reigning Queens for her selection. She will then choose her favorite from those 3 as our next winner!
3. As always, one winner will be randomly chosen from our reader entries!
4. One winner will be chosen by the gals at Chick Lit Shorties, and
5. One lucky winner will be chosen by Alisa Dana Steinberg herself!

The prize is of course the (autographed!) book itself! (Because any book that’s a comedic twist on New York, Blackberries, and dating is not to be missed!)

And now, on to the prompt:

Penelope felt herself fuming. She actually felt fire burning in and out of her ears – He asks me out for Valentine’s Day, he buys me a gift for Post-Valentine’s Day, he invites me to go on a trip with him where – coincidentally – there’s only one room reserved, he makes advances (that never came to anything) and then he leaves, without giving me as much of an idea of what’s on his mind. A whole week of wondering! I deserve to know what’s going on!

With a scowl, Penelope…

It’s all you now, go for it! (Oh yeah, you’ve got until Wednesday, November 24th at 11pm Eastern Time!)

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