13 November 2010

Call for Articles: Gender Focus (Canada)

Post date: 13 November 2010
Gender Focus welcomes submissions from guest bloggers of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. As Gender Focus guest blogger, you will have the opportunity to create a useful resource for Canadian feminists, get out underreported news and opinions on a variety of issues, gain blogging experience, and have a productive outlet for expression. If you are asked to be a regular contributor, you will also have the opportunity to create a personal bio for the Gender Focus web site.

The first thing you should do if you’re interested in contributing is to send me a short email at jarrahhodge@gmail.com to let me know who you are, if you have any blogging/writing experience or experience with feminist or progressive organizations, and what you’re interested in writing about.

For reference, feminism is defined in this document and on the blog as a “movement to end sexism, sexual exploitation, and oppression”, including but not limited to oppression based on race, sexual/gender identity, disability, class, and age.

Appropriate Types of Blog Items:

* Super short report on an article from the web or another blog (100-500 words).
* Analysis of an article or pertinent issue (200-700 words).
* Personal Story about how an issue or event has affected you, or a reflection on how you’ve played into the issues we cover (200-700 words).

Issues We Cover:

* Issues pertaining to social inequalities (racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, poverty, etc.), especially when there is a gender angle
* Portrayals of women; gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and queer individuals; visible minorities; and/or people with disabilities in the media and popular culture
* Intersections of gender and public policy/politics
* Anti-racist feminist analysis of current events especially in Vancouver and across Canada.

Picking Blog Topics:

* You can choose to write about topics you’re passionate about, as long as they fit into the above issue areas. Please ask if you’re not sure.
* You can ask me for a topic if you’re not sure what to write about
* Your choice of topic should be approved for your first few blogs to make sure we’re not duplicating topics. Just send me a short e-mail proposal.

Writing Guidelines:

* Word count – maximum 800 words, ideally from 100-500.
* Tone – smart, conversational, informal, and good-humored
* Anger and criticism should be expressed productively
* In your voice – write from your own perspective and share your opinions
* Well-written – standard grammar rules, spelling, and punctuation still apply
* Action-oriented – tell us what appropriate action can be taken on the issue
* Graphics, photos, or YouTube videos should be included with every blog item and must have a caption. Open source photos can be found on sites like Wikimedia commons.
* Cite ALL sources – you must include links to all graphics and articles you used or referenced in your blog. This includes citing news clips, TV shows, magazines, newspapers, etc.
* Use appropriate language — avoid profanity and use good judgment – if it can’t be said on TV or radio, it probably shouldn’t be in your blog, unless it is quoted from the article you are writing about, if it is absolutely necessary to explain something (like the word “bitch”), or if you can defend your use of the term is in keeping with the philosophy of the blog.
* Always include a title for your blog and graphics or photos (with captions).
* If you re-post on other blogs/websites please include a link back.
* You are encouraged to comment on other contributors’ blog posts.

All blog items should be turned in via e-mail as a Microsoft Word or RTF document (attach images to your e-mail) to jarrahhodge@gmail.com by a pre-determined deadline. If for any reason you cannot meet your committed deadline, please let me know in advance. If your post is accepted it will usually be posted within a few days of being received. I will edit blog submissions for grammar, spelling, and style and will re-submit edited articles to you for your final sign-off. All blog entries will be posted with the signature of the author — either your initials, first name, or anonymously if requested. Any questions? E-mail jarrahhodge@gmail.com.

More information here.
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.