04 August 2010

2010 Golden Rose Contest

Post date: 04 August 2010
Deadline: 7 August 2010
Geographical coverage:
Reading Fee: $30-50
Accepts (genre): full-length romance fiction
Prize/Payment: chapter membership, rose pendant necklace
Contact: goldenrose@rosecityromancewriters.com

June 1st to August 7th, 2010

The Golden Rose is one of the few contests that allows entrants a high submission page count. Since most agents and editors request partials with a query, our contest affords the best opportunity for a real-world critique for your potential submission. Many of our finalists receive requests from the final judges and many of those have gone on to secure agents and publishing contracts. In addition, all entrants receive:

* Three comprehensive critiques from the first round judges. Judges are highly encouraged to make detailed, constructive comments explaining their scores.

* Score sheets are returned to entrants in time for them to revise manuscripts before the Golden Heart entry deadline, allowing you time to polish your entry based on informed feedback before you enter.

* Category finalists get one week after notification of status to review their entries before they are sent to the final round judges thereby increasing the potential of a full request.

* First Place Winners in each category will be offered a free chapter membership. In addition each first place winner will receive a one-of-a-kind handcrafted rose pendant necklace.

* All finalists receive a beautiful certificate they can proudly show off their placing as well as a lovely banner for their websites.

* Winners will be announced on the RCRW website and in the Romance Writers Report (RWR).

* The top score overall wins a gorgeous, gold-plated American Beauty rose.

Submission Deadline: August 7th, 2010, 11:59 pm Pacific


Contemporary Series – Susan Litman, Editor, Harlequin
Single Title Contemporary – Megan Records, Editor, Kensington
Historical – Emmanuelle Alspaugh, Agent, Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Paranormal, Fantasy, and Futuristic – Alexandra Machinist, Agent, Linda Chester Literary Agency
Romantic Suspense – Kristin Sevick, Editor, Tor
Young Adult – Andrea Somberg, Agent, Harvey Klinger, Inc.
Novel w/Strong Romantic Elements - Amberly Finarelli, Agent, Andrea Hurst & Associates


The contest is open to all writers of romantic fiction (RWA and non-RWA members) unpublished in book-length fiction (40,000 words or more) in the last three (3) years. RCRW recognizes e-books and print-on-demand books as published. The term 'published' includes all non-vanity, non-subsidy publishers. Entrants must have retained all rights to their entry and not have granted any rights to a publisher or other party by the contest entry deadline.

Entries must be a full-length novel with a projected length greater than 50,000 words, no novellas or short stories. The projected final word count should be appropriate to the target line or publisher (see publishers’ websites for their guidelines.)

Previous first place winners may not re-enter the winning entry, even in edited format. They may, however, enter another work. Previous 2nd and 3rd place entries will be accepted, revision encouraged.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication during the time of our contest (June 1, 2010 through December 15, 2010), you must notify the Contest Coordinators. Your submission(s) will be withdrawn from consideration and your entry fee(s) refunded.

While not required, all entries should be part of a completed manuscript. Finalists have often received requests for the full manuscript.

The author’s name may not appear anywhere on the manuscript or synopsis.


* Multiple entries from one writer must each have a separate entry form and fee.
* $30 for RCRW chapter members
* $35 for non-RCRW chapter members
* $50 for non-RWA/non-RCRW entrants.

* You may pay by check or PayPal. PayPal payments include an additional $1.50 charge to cover the PayPal fees. If you're paying by credit card, you can do so once you submit your entry form. It will pass you through to Paypal. On the Paypal page, if you don't see the credit card form, look for – “Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)” then click on “Continue.”

* To pay by check, please print a copy of the form to send with your check THEN SUBMIT THE FORM ELECTRONICALLY SO WE HAVE YOUR ENTRY IN OUR DATABASE. Make checks, in the appropriate amount, payable to Rose City Romance Writers and mail the form and check to:

RCRW 2010 Golden Rose Contest
c/o Donna Keihle
2184 NE Village Court
McMinnvile OR 97128


* Submit your entry form electronically.
* Send your payment receipt and up to 50 manuscript pages in electronic form to the appropriate category coordinator:

Series = Mary Stepec = GR-series@rosecityromancewriters.com
YA = Meredith Clark = GR-ya@rosecityromancewriters.com
Romantic Suspense = Lori Hoskins = GR-romanticsuspense@rosecityromancewriters.com
Paranormal = Cathryn Cade = GR-paranormal@rosecityromancewriters.com
Single Title Contemporary = Heather Hiestand = GR-singletitle@rosecityromancewriters.com
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements = Lynda Aicher = GR-novelsre@rosecityromancewriters.com
Histocial = Sarah MacDermed = GR-historical@rosecityromancewriters.com

Any questions, contact your Contest Coordinators goldenrose@rosecityromancewriters.com or Mae Pen at maepen30@yahoo.com.

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