01 May 2012

Seeks SciFi/ Speculative Fiction by Female Authors: Peck & Brown Publishing

Post date: 01 May 2012
(Note: Carrying on the tradition of Andre Norton, Peck & Brown Publishing is especially seeking female authors in the Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction genres.)

With nearly 60 years of writing and publishing experience in our senior staff, Peck & Brown Publishing is expanding its venue to include book publishing. This is not your standard old school book publishing format, or in only e-books. Instead we take the new and old, blend them together, then add what those 60 years taught us, to bring about a new era of book publishing.


We are currently accepting submissions by new authors, authors with unpublished works, authors who are working on a series of books or multiple titles that have not had them published; These can be stand-alone, or part of the same universe from different perspectives. We are looking for authors who are wanting to write and produce manuscripts on a continual basis. All works must by completely original and never published before.


If you have already one manuscript written and more in draft, that are near completion, your works will be considered as well. We are seeking authors who are prolific in writings specifically in the following genres:
  • Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural
  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Action/Adventure

We will also consider comedy, or personal experience manuscripts that give an insider's view to Writing, Publishing, or the Movie Industry.


A few things to consider before sending in your manuscript in include:
  • Read through it one more time and look for spelling, punctuation, etc. Don't trust your spell checker. It doesn't catch everything, such as two, too, to.
  • Every page needs to have your name, phone and email in the footer. Not just on the cover.
  • The synopsis needs to be about your novel, not what you are hoping your novel conveys. Be accurate.
  • Make sure each page has printed fully and that your printer start running out of ink in the middle of it. Nice and dark makes a difference in readability. Don't draft print it.
  • Have someone else look over what you are sending, even if it is only for a fast review. The more eyes on a project the better.
  • Make sure you have included everything we need to review your manuscript. Don't skip a step and send it in a second letter, or email. If you forget something, resend the entire project with everything included.


What we are looking for is originality, accuracy, good style and well-developed stories. That is a must. When you are creating a fictional universe you must create a set of guidelines or rules that the characters must follow throughout the story and not change simply due to it being inconvenient to your storyline.

Include the following:
  • First 3 Chapters (or 40-60 pages if there are no chapter breaks, or the chapters are very short, or very long). Under 10,000 words. End at the end of a paragraph, not the middle. See (Format) below for specific details on print and digital formatting.
  • Cover Letter - Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, second Email (just in case), along with each page of the manuscript in the footer.
  • Synopsis - This is of the entire book, including important plot elements (especially how it ends), keypoints of the main characters development. No more than 10 pages. Include how many books are in the series, if it is a stand-alone, or if it is the first book in that universe.
  • A self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope (SASE) for our reply letter. If one is not included, you will not receive a reply. Submissions will not be returned, unless a prepaid, self-addressed, package/envelope is included with the submission. All others will be recycled. We go green.


Length: 100,000 - 135,000 words preferred. All exceptional works will be considered.

Query Letter: Not required.

Format (Including Snail & Email): All manuscripts must be a single, Rich Text Format (.rtf), plain text, or Microsoft Word file. Do not break up into chapter files. Must be readable in standard fonts (Times New Roman, Courier, Bookman, etc.) and size (10-12 point). Avoid all non-standard fonts and font sizes. Minimal formatting. 1 inch margin all the way around, indented paragraphs and double spaced.
  • DO NOT Send The ONLY Copy.
  • DO NOT Mail disks, drives of any sort, CDs, etc. We only accept printed versions by snail mail.
  • DO NOT Send cover art. Make a note of it in your cover letter.
  • DO NOT Email to ask if we have read your submission. We will reply if you included the SASE. If you have not heard from us after six months resubmit. Sometimes things get lost in the USPS.


For inquiries/ submissions: Submission@peck-brown.com

Website: http://peck-brown.com
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