25 May 2012

Seeking Romance, Fantasy and More: Lazy Day Publishing

Post date: 25 May 2012
LazyDay Publishing is a digital publisher that is focused on the future of storytelling. We are located in Reno, Nevada and have over 40 books published on Amazon, B&N, Allromance.com and Lazydaypub.com.

We are looking at forming partnerships with our authors to bring the art of storytelling into the future. By merging an author's art with our business expertise, LazyDay Publishing can offer a new and fresh way of doing business.

Digital publishing has allowed us the format to be able to embrace an author's manuscript. We can break out from the mold of classic publishing. We can offer our readers stories that are innovative, creative and exciting!

These stories will be on our site, but will also be available with all the leading third party distributors. Our books will be easily available in all formats. LazyDay Publishing will be a dominating presence in the future of the digital book.

We are actively pursuing authors who want to be part of our team. Please see our submission guidelines on how to get published.

We offer royalties of 40% of cover price for digital direct sales, 50% of cover price of publisher's royalty for 3rd party distribution and 7% of cover price for print if we retain the print rights.

LazyDay Publishing is royalty based with no advance. Payments will be made to the author on a quarterly basis. The author is never required to pay any money for editing, cover art or publishing.

Our contract is asking for full digital rights of the work. We will not be asking for print rights, unless it is our intention to go to print with the book. A fully negotiable contract will be available for review upon acceptance of the manuscript.


We publish a majority of romance/erotica but are also very interested in and publish fantasy, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, westerns, or any other genre.

All submissions must be sent via e-mail, we will not accept paper submissions.

Please send us a query letter in the body of the e-mail. Describe your book with a quick blurb, the word count, the genre and title of your manuscript. Also include anything you feel would help us make the decision that you are someone we would like to form a partnership with.

In an attachment please send a synopsis that outlines the characters, conflict, and ending.

In another attachment please send the COMPLETE manuscript.

Please make sure that the following information is on both your synopsis and manuscript: Name of manuscript, author name/pen name, genre, word count, e-mail, address, and phone number.

The subject of your e-mail needs to read: The title of your manuscript, genre, word count, author name. Example: Great Book- Romance- 67,000 words- Jane Doe.

Please format your work as follows:

* Word Format
* Times New Roman 12pt.
* Page breaks before each chapter
* Page numbers in the footer
Submissions should be sent to submissions@lazydaypub.com

LazyDay Publishing will also acquire books that have been previously released in print form, but for which the author has either retained digital rights or had digital rights revert to them.

All submissions will receive an auto-response acknowledging receipt of submission. Please allow 6-8 weeks for an editorial response to your submission. If a response has not been received after 8 weeks, please follow-up with submissions@lazydaypub.com

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at inquiries@lazydaypub.com


For queries: inquiries@lazydaypub.com

For submissions:

Website: http://www.lazydaypub.com
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