30 May 2012

Seeking Literary and Mainstream Fiction: Ivy House (imprint of Martin Sisters Publishing)

Post date: 30 May 2012
Ivy House Books is our literary and mainstream fiction imprint.

Under this imprint we seek to publish books of a literary nature which show the reader something about themselves they didn’t know before they turned our pages.

The characters under this imprint are real flesh and bone and our authors who work under this imprint are experts in their craft.


All submissions can also include collections of stories. In order to be considered for publication, manuscripts must be between 60,000 to 100,000 words in length.

The Sisters are not accepting submissions for poetry, t0rrid or any books containing extreme vi0lence. Please send your query letter, short synopsis, marketing plan and full manuscript to submissions@martinsisterspublishing.com (please place your query letter, short synopsis and marketing plan directly into your e-mail and attach your manuscript MSWord format or PDF only). Place the words “submission” in the subject line of your e-mail then “fiction,” and the working title of your manuscript.

For example: submission fiction Red Sun Rising

Need help writing a query letter? Writer’s Digest has a complete a set of instructions for writing a top-notch query letter for prospective publishers. Click here to learn more.


The Sisters’ response time to your query letter can be anywhere from five minutes to six weeks, depending on how busy they are. If you have not heard back from them within six weeks, please feel free to send a short e-mail, letting them know you are still waiting.

(One of the biggest misconceptions about the world of book publishing is that authors get to write while publishers sell their books. While MSP will work very hard to market your book, the true success of any book comes from the author’s willingness to put themselves and their work into the marketplace. This can include media contacts you may already have, a fan base you have already collected, book events you plan to attend, signings at bookstores, etc.)

The marketing plan you send is very important!


For queries/ submissions: submissions@martinsisterpublishing.com

Website: http://www.martinsisterspublishing.com
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