10 May 2012

Deadline May 17 | Editor Pitch Challenge: Harlequin Heartwarming

Post date: 10 May 2012
Deadline: 17 May 2012

Harlequin Heartwarming is looking for YOUR manuscript and Senior Editor, Victoria Curran and Executive Editor, Marsha Zinberg will be on hand to take your pitch!


* Contemporary Heartwarming Novel

* Emotional, satisfying romances that readers can feel comfortable sharingwith their daughters or granddaughters

* Romance, family and community are strong features of these stories

* Characters demonstrate traditional values, but exhibit flaws and overcome hurdles similar to those in other contemporary series romances

* Conflict between the main characters should be an emotional one, arising naturally from the story

* Plots unfold in a wholesome style and voice. References to violent incidents in the past are acceptable if they contribute to character development

* Physical interactions (i.e. kissing/hugging) should emphasize emotional tenderness; characters should not make l0ve unless they are married

* No paranormal

* No explicit religious or Christian content

* Word count of 70-75,000 allows for breadth and complexity of story, and development of compelling sub-plots.

Harlequin Heartwarming is…similar in tone and feel to movies like Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Sweet Home Alabama, and Hope Floats.

Five entries will be chosen by Victoria Curran and those will be announced no later than May 24th. Pitches will happen May 29th, at 1pm edt. But read the rules below to ensure your entry can be accepted.


• NO currently published works to include self-publishing. Original, non-published works ONLY please!

• You MUST be able to enter and post inside the Harlequin.com chat room: http://chat.eharlequin.com/flashchat.php# If you are unable to use the chat room and your submission is chosen, we will be unable to offer you another venue option and it will be unfair to an entrant who is able. You do not need a password to enter the chatroom.

• You MUST be available at the given chat time. As stated above, we will be unable to offer another venue or time option.

• Please include your member name, your full name along with your submission.


For inquiries: doeraemi@gmail.com

For submissions: send a one-page synopsis of your manuscript to doeraemi@gmail.com

Website: http://www.harlequin.com/store.html?cid=2878
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