04 May 2012

Call for Submissions:The Manson Girls Anthology (Tightrope Books, Canada)

Post date: 04 May 2012
Deadline: 1 October 2012

While Hollywood prepares for The Manson Girls this year, a film that stars Canada's own (Peterborough no less) Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes, 2001) and the porn industry's Ron Jeremy, the dearth of good Manson Girl poetry continues to plague our fair planet.

Before it becomes a straight to Netflix film, it was, and in fact remains, the most depraved and scandalous murder trail and frenzy of the 20th Century — perfect fodder for a controversial, subversive and monstrous anthology of literary terror that will ruffle the powdered wigs of a few Canadian authors we are quite certain.

In August 1969 seven people were shot, stabbed and bludgeoned to death in Los Angeles. The "family" went on trial, and Charles Manson became a household name forever associated with murder, charisma and insanity. The Manson Girls remain a fascinating depiction of the dark side of pop culture's greatest decade.

What were these women thinking, doing, processing, feeling, living and intending to do? Was this the death of the individual and onset of pop culture's stranglehold on our souls? Was it the beginning of drone culture, the death of hope?

What are they doing now? How will Canadian authors, should they dare, interpret their personalities, moods and lives in poetry and fiction?

This anthology will be released under Tightrope Books new imprint The Highwire.
  • Poetry (up to 3 poems maximum 8 pages)
Fiction (up to 3500 words)
Publication date: 2013 or 2014

At press time no editors are officially attached to this book. Queries welcome.


For inquiries: tightropebooks2012@gmail.com

For submissions: send submissions to tightropebooks2012@gmail.com

Website: http://tightropebooks.com
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