22 May 2012

Call for Submissions for Lovecraft eZine: Lovecraftian “Woman-Theme” Issue

Post date: 22 May 2012
As of April 3, 2012, Lovecraft eZine's Editor Mike Davis is once again accepting submissions for the eZine. He is currently accepting submissions for a Lovecraftian “Woman-theme” issue. For this issue, he wants female writers only.


ART: I publish original and previously unpublished Lovecraftian art. If you’re an artist, please feel free to submit your work for the new art section. Please note that “previously unpublished” includes the internet. At this time I’m unable to pay for artwork, but you will receive a link back to your website and/or online art gallery. The Lovecraft eZine receives a high volume of traffic and it will certainly bring attention to your work.

ALSO, I would like some Lovecraftian female art submissions; both males and females may submit art. Risqué is fine, but no nudity.

This concludes the April 3, 2012 update; please read below for general guidelines.

Please read below for submission guidelines. The Lovecraft eZine pays $50 for accepted stories over 3,000 words and $25 for stories under 3,000 words, poetry, or flash fiction.


The Lovecraft eZine wants well-written, original Lovecraftian and Cthulhu Mythos fiction. While we enjoy and appreciate pastiche, best read works will feature an original voice and new takes on old themes, not simply mimicking Lovecraft’s style. Simple mentions of Cthulhu or the Necronomicon do not make a story Lovecraftian. For us, the best Lovecraftian fiction share the tone and themes of Lovecraft: Cosmic horror, the discovered knowledge of the unnameable terrible things behind the curtain of reality, etc.

It’s important to understand that we do not reject stories that mention or feature Cthulhu and others, neither do we reject stories that do not mention them. This is important enough to repeat: We are interested in the themes of Lovecraft. Cosmic horror. Hopelessness. The madness that comes when you realize what’s behind the curtain. Isolated and old locations. Unanswered questions about reality. If you are still not sure what this means, read the anthologies Lovecraft Unbound, Dead But Dreaming, and Dead But Dreaming 2 — these books are excellent examples.

We prefer stories under 5000 words but there is no maximum word-count; longer stories accepted may be serialized.


The Lovecraft eZine does accept reprints but we prefer original fiction. We do not accept simultaneous submissions; if you submit a work, please wait until you have received a reply before submitting again. Please do not submit the same story to us and other magazines at the same time.


Graphic scenes and obscenity are acceptable if they are integral to the piece, within reason. The Lovecraft eZine has no interest in stories that are only gratuitous depictions of sex or gore. We may reject a story for any reason. Submission does not equal automatic acceptance.


Send submissions to MichaelDavisWriter AT gmail.com:

– Attach the story in RTF or DOC formats.

– In the subject line put the STORY TITLE (in all caps), your name and word count.

– In then body of the email, put your name, pen-name (if any), contact information, a short bio, two to three lines, as well as any credits or relevant websites you wish to plug.

– The story should be double-spaced, in a readable font, and as you originally formatted it; paragraphs indented, italicized words in italics, etc. It is helpful to our editors if you follow the standard manuscript guidelines (Though no story will be rejected for not following them to the letter)


The Lovecraft eZine will respond to your submission as soon as possible. Due to the high volume of submissions, it may take several months for a response, but I WILL reply to your submission within a day or two to let you know it has been received.


Stories should be thoroughly proofread before submission. We do understand that minor mistakes will slip by and we will correct them before publication on the website. Minor grammatical changes may be made to the story; however, we will seek the author’s permission before publication.


The Lovecraft eZine pays via PayPal upon publication on the website.


The Lovecraft eZine buys non-exclusive rights to publish your work on the website. The author retains all other rights and all responsibilities of the piece. This means you are free to have it published elsewhere at any other time and are responsible if the rights to the story are questioned or if there are accusations of plagiarism.


For inquiries/ submissions: MichaelDavisWriter@gmail.com

Website: http://lovecraftzine.com
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