29 May 2012

Call for Foodie Romance: Decadent Publishing

Post date: 29 May 2012
Do you adore the Food Network? Do Bobby Flay and Rocco DiSpirito titillate your senses when they caress a flank steak, whip cream to a sensual cloud, or lay a beautiful table? Does a man's skill in the kitchen impress and delight you as much as the way he kisses?

Then we want you to write a Foodie Romance for Decadent Publishing!

Foodie romance focuses on romance, but food would win the prize for best supporting character. Maybe the heroine is a chef or a food critic, or maybe the hero just appreciates a meal masterfully prepared for maximum enjoyment. Like any art form, the Culinary Arts can be enjoyed as a sensual experience, exciting to the eyes and pleasing to the palate. Whether your taste is gourmet Kobe burgers in Seattle, European pastries in Salzburg, or delicate sushi in Sunagawa, foodie romance is about the culture of cuisine and the people who enjoy it.

Our general submission guidelines apply to this category. When submitting, please note that it is a Foodie romance.


We accept only one manuscript at a time per author. We DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions.

Word count is 3k-50k.

Romance submissions can be sweet to sm0king h0t. S3xual or s3nsual scenes should enhance, not BE, the story.

Please see our FAQ page for further information.

If you wish to submit your story to us, please send an email to the following address and request our submissions form: submissions@decadentpublishing.com


For queries/ submissions: submissions@decadentpublishing.com

Website: http://www.decadentpublishing.com
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