07 May 2012

Call for Contributors: The Madness and Motherhood Project

Post date: 07 May 2012
Deadline: 15 July 2012

Madness and Motherhood is a flagship collaborative writing project that invites contributors to take a hard look at the way that our thinking about mental health shapes the way that we see Mothers with “mental health disorders”, or expressed challenges in our lived experience, and the way that these perceptions forge our families and ultimately frame our stories.

We are specifically seeking narrative work from from people who have lived experience in a family that is affected by mental health. Specifically, reflections on mothering as it is affected by mental health disorder will be given primary consideration.

Honoring the reality of the range of human experiences, Madness and Motherhood invites people to give voice to the triumph of all the ways we try to stay alive in the best possible ways and all the stories that have been spun from the forces within sometimes tumultuous hearts and divergent minds.

Work that captures the cultural environment is encouraged, as is celebration of defiant navigations through ideas about who we are and who we should be, both in our own minds and in the minds of the people we love as we imagine them.

The Madness and Motherhood Project will initiate a to-print campaign in September 2012 and we will be considering contributions until mid-July. Thank you for thinking about how you would tell the story of Madness and Motherhood.


For inquiries/ submissions: submit mixed-genre contributions or any questions to madnessandmotherhoodproject@gmail.com
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