09 April 2012

Now Actively Seeking YA and New Adult Romances: Lyrical Press

Post date: 09 April 2012
Lyrical Press, Inc. is now actively seeking submissions of engaging upper Young Adult and New Adult romances. Accepted YA and NA romance sub-genres:
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Paranormal
  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy

Level: Must be appropriate for a 15+ audience.

Length requirements: 20, 000 - 100,000 words

Key characteristics: Main characters must be aged 17 - 25 strong emotional connection between a drool-worthy hero and relatable heroine: vivid world-building, with a setting and characters that leap off the page and stay with the reader long past The End.

  • Send all submissions to: submissions@lyricalpress.com
  • Lyrical Press is open to self-published and/or previously-published works that have been out of print for one year (12 months) or longer.
  • Submit full manuscript only, accompanied by a query in the body of the email (please include: blurb, genre, word count, information about you) and two-page synopsis. All other query types will be ignored.
  • Please inform Lyrical Press if manuscript is a simultaneous submission, and please keep the house informed of its status.
  • Submissions are passed into the review weekly. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 14 days of submission, please resubmit the full manuscript and two-page synopsis.
  • Average turnaround time for a response is 4 - 6 weeks. If you have received notification of receipt but do not hear back from the house within that time, please email Lyrical Press to inquire after your status.
  • Lyrical Press does not publish non-fiction of any sort. Non-fiction queries/submissions will be ignored.
  • Lyrical Press does not publish non-romantic fiction other than Urban Fantasy. All other genre submission will be ignored.
  • Lyrical Press does not publish single-author collections, screenplays, children's books, inspirational, or poetry. Submissions of these works will be ignored.


Lyrical Press will only consider completed works. No partials or proposals. There is no need to query first. Send the full manuscript as prescribed below. Please include the following information in your cover email:
  • Legal name
  • Pen name
  • Contact phone
  • Working title (include series name and details if applicable)
  • Word count
  • Genre(s)
  • A short blurb (no more than three paragraphs, please)

Please attach the following to your email:
  • The book, in its entirety
  • Two-page synopsis, attached separately
  • All submissions should be sent to: submissions@lyricalpress.com

File Name Conventions:
  • Please name your book file BOOKTITLE_sub
  • Please name your synopsis file BOOKTITLE_syn

  • File type: .rtf or .doc, or.docx only
  • 12pt black font (Times New Roman, Cambria or Georgia preferred)
  • Line spacing: 1.5 (or Multiple 1.25")
  • Margins: 1" all
  • Single space between sentences.
  • No double-spaces or extra returns between paragraphs
  • Use your word processing functions to indent new paragraphs. Do not tab or use the space bar.
  • Page-breaks between chapters
  • Do not use style elements or sections breaks

Please include a title page listing the following information:
  • Legal name
  • Pen name
  • Contact phone
  • Working title (include series name and details if applicable)
  • Word count
  • Genre(s)


For inquiries: submission@lyricalpress.com

For submissions: submission@lyricalpress.com

Website: http://www.lyricalpress.com/
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