21 April 2012

Engaging Beauty Writers Wanted for Skincare/ Make-up Websites (anywhere)

Post date: 21 April 2012
We are looking for freelance beauty writers to work with us on a network of several beauty sites. Right now, we are seeking a few writers for specifically the skincare and makeup sites. The network, overall, is geared towards woman over 30 and has an anti - aging component. To be considered, you must have a good grasp of the demo that we are targeting.

The goal is to find a group of writers that are well versed and passionate in one or more of the topics and can provide engaging informational, and sometimes irreverent commentary at least once a week ( more if you're willing and able). At the very least, we are looking for one 600 word post and three 400 word posts per month.

MUST already have a blog that is beauty related. We do not want generic writers. These pieces need to be informational, opinionated, and enjoyable to read. Think thefrisky.com, xojane,com and thegloss.com style of writing - but for beauty. This is very important. We want you to write in a voice that is all your own.

You should know the rules of writing and then know how to break them. Please take a look at the writing found on the aforementioned sites; thefrisky.com, xojane,com and thegloss.com. This is the tone that we are seeking.

If interested ,please forward any pertinent blog/site links and a writing sample. These samples MUST BE beauty related and fun to read. We don't mind irreverent and slightly inappropriate writing. In fact, that's what we are seeking.

Location: anywhere

Compensation: TBD


For inquiries/ submissions: kxwnb-2918397432@gigs.craigslist.org
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