16 April 2012

Call for Submissions: "Having My Baby" Anthology (Melange Books)

Post date: 16 April 2012
Deadline: 31 July 2012

"Having My Baby"

Release: November 2012

Spring is a time for new birth and Melange is actively seeking s3nsual, poignant, joyous, humorous, and unusual stories about having a baby. Stories (9,000-16,000 words) should be mildly romantic to s3nsual.

  • Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
  • RTF format
  • * * * * to be used for scene breaks
  • 1" margins all around
  • Single-spaced
  • .03 first line paragraph indent
  • Be sure and type name, email address, and other contact information on first page of your manuscript. Please include manuscript title, word count, and genre


For inquiries: contact Nancy Schumacher at submissions-nancy@melange-books.com for information or questions about the call for submissions for the this anthology
For submissions:

Website: http://www.melange-books.com
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