10 April 2012

Call for Reviews of 21st-Century Science Fiction by Women Writers: Daughters of Prometheus

Post date: 10 April 2012
Daughters of Prometheus is a blog site dedicated to collating reviews (previously published and not) and links for women who write or have written science fiction in the 21st century. It is the direct descendant of Ian Sales’s extraordinary collection the SF Mistressworks.

Why Prometheus? Prometheus was a Titan, best known in Greek mythology for creating humanity from clay and then stealing fire from the ├╝ber god Zeus to give to his mortal creations. If science fiction–as Sheri S. Tepper has suggested– is the genre of ideas than it is perhaps from that fire that all great science fiction ideas are born. We won’t mention the regenerating liver bit.

It is often cited, and sometimes debated, that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the first real work of science fiction. The novel was originally published with the subtitle ‘The Modern Prometheus’. Like Prometheus, The main character Victor Frankenstein, creates life from nothing. So we SF writers often create life and meaning from nothing.

History: as this site was only launched on 9 April there isn’t much history to it. However, ever since Ian launched SF Mistressworks I’ve been wanting to do something similar for ‘modern’ works of SF written by women. I was finally prompted to take the plunge and launch this site after attending a couple of great panels including the ‘suppressing women in publishing’ panel at the 2012 EasterCon where the question was posed ”what more can be done to promote women in SF?”. After a brief discussion with Ian Sales and Kev McVeigh I decided there was no time like the present.

Purpose: I won’t aim to judge or define works as classics on this site. It is, instead, a place to collect the discussions about the works of science fiction being written today.

Submissions: If you have written a review of any work of science fiction written by a woman published (not self-published) between 1999 and the present day (whatever day it is) and you have the right, or can obtain the right to have it reproduced on this site without remuneration, then please send it to me. You may also send reviews of new works or previously unpublished reviews of works published in that period. We do accept more than one review of the same work (though not by the same reviewer).

send all reviews to: michaela [.] staton [@] gmail.com Please make sure to put DOP in your subject line so I know what it is.

Guidelines: reviews must be a minimum length of 500 words. If it is a new review please make sure you’ve had it spell/grammar/sense checked we will do our best to fix any errors when we can.

Reviews must be of science fiction (no YA) only. That is: futurism, technology, space, aliens, time-travel, dystopia, post-apocolypse, alternate realities and other worlds. It is not: paranormal, horror, fantasy or urban fantasy. Genre can sometimes be a bit subjective so every review will be considered carefully. Some reviews may be posted of works that others will debate about their validity as SF and perhaps it will spark some interesting discussions!


For inquiries: michaela.staton@gmail.com

For submissions: michaela.staton@gmail.com

Website: http://daughtersofprometheus.wordpress.com
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.