12 March 2012

Call for Submissions: Africa Reconfigued (Feminist Studies Journal)

Post date: 12 March 2012
Deadline: 1 December 2012

How does feminist scholarship on African regions push conventional disciplinary boundaries? How does feminist work in cinema studies, linguistics, cultural studies, literature, history, and anthropology, for example, reconfigure how Africa is represented in the broader academy? Feminist Studies welcomes submissions on a variety of topics dealing broadly with the continent of Africa, with the goal of featuring exciting feminist scholarship in African Studies and questioning representations of Africa for feminist readers outside the area.

We welcome full-length research manuscripts (10,500 words), review essays, short commentaries on polices, creative writing, and art essays. Please e-mail Editorial Director Ashwini Tambe to signal your interest in submitting material.

Deadline for submitting manuscripts: December 1.


For inquiries: atambe@umd.edu

For submissions: atambe@umd.edu

Website: http://www.feministstudies.org
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